Astro-Knights Island

This is about a mission to save the princess of Kingdom Arturus, but you need to complete first the three mystical weapons from the three knights to the outer space using your own rocket ship. You’ll enjoy a princess tale story with a cool spaceship technology all together in this Island. Read on for all the Poptropica cheats for Astro-Knights Island.

Poptropica Astro-Knights Island - Throne Room

Getting Started

  • When you arrive on the island, you’ll be in Arturus. You will see first the House of Mordred on your right which is now a museum.
  • Next to the house is the fountain with a spaceship statue which you need to check out. There is a gold coin on the right side base of the statue. Go ahead and pick it up and proceed to House of Mordred.
  • There is a man standing next to the door when you enter the house, he will give you the museum pamphlet, and you need to use your gold coin for admission and you are just free to look around.
  • When you click on the books on the chair, he’ll tell you that you are not allowed to touch them but will give you a Library book slip (the underline letters are Mcm).
  • Next, leave the place and go all the way to the right to the Castle of Arturus, you can see a spaceship disk still smoking on its left side. Walk to the right and go to the castle entrance.
  • When you’re inside, walk a bit to the right and enter the first door you’ll see, just after the knight armor display.
  • You’ll be inside the castle library, go upstairs and get the green book on the last book shelf which is The Mystical Weapons of Arturus.
  • Next go downstairs and get the book The Life of Mordred-A Cautionary Tale on the book stand with candle and feather& ink.
  • Next go to the bookshelf on your right, click on the brick with name labeled McM, and a secret passage will open.
  • Go downstairs and you’ll be on an underground room. Go to the right to pick up the moldy cheese on a plate.
  • Next walk a bit further to right to click on the handle hanging on wall beside on a barrel. This will open a small arch door inside the jail of the robot.
  • Leave this room and leave the library as well because the librarian is mad at you.
  • Next go to the left and enter the other wooden door. You’ll meet a girl with its mechanical mouse. Put your moldy cheese on the floor, and the mouse will go for it. You can now capture this mechanical mouse.
  • Proceed to the chest near the bed, you’ll find a letter on top of it. It’s a secret message which says “We must change our password! I feel my parents will find out what we are doing and put an end to it!”
  • Leave the room, then go to the left upstairs, and enter the wooden door at the top. You’ll meet the king and queen in this room who are very worried of their daughter who has been kidnapped. When you ask the queen if she can think of anything else that might help you, she will hand over the coordinates of the three knights who left in search of the princess. The coordinates are X-73 Y-83, X-15 Y-15 and X-83 Y-20.
  • After you took the coordinates, leave the castle and run all the way to the right till you reach Ye Olde Rumour Mille.
  • At your arrival you’ll meet a woman and a guy on a hooded jacket, looks like Robin Hood. He will give you a Bag of Manure.
  • Next continue to go right up the hill to the Ye Olde Rumour Mille building. Go to the left and go upward, when you reach on the gears, jump on the middle platform.
  • Then cling on the rope and slide down, you’ll fall on a platform and will meet a black haired girl.
  • You’ll trade your secret message for the cosmic symbols which will be the password for a member of the secret order. Jump down and go outside.
  • On the top of the mill there is a hatch with a glass cover. You need to jump on the windmill blades to make it spin and continue to jump on the other blades until it spins enough to open the hatch on top. Go up and inside the hatch door.
  • Use your Bag of manure to the broken flying craft you’ll see inside, it will fly up in the air and will land on the mud on the right side of the mill.
  • Go out and go down to the right. You’ll see the flying disk but you have to get something before it will work. So go first on the coil of rope on the giant wheel above the flying craft and leave the place temporarily.
  • Head your back to the left to the castle. Then jump on the left windowsills near the front door, and then jump on top where you can see a huge bow and arrow.
  • Use your coil of rope, this will attached on the weapon and you need to shoot at 45 degree angle. If you shoot correctly, the arrow will hit the door on a tower.
  • Walk across the rope and enter the door.
  • Move to the left, and get the brown paper on the open chest. This is the Princess ‘note. Just examine it to read and know the content.
  • You have to leave the place now and go to the left and return to the fountain where you’ve got the golden coin.
  • When you reach the fountain, click on the tablet with space symbols. Use the cosmic symbols on your backpack, starting from the moon, planet with ring and the star.
  • Then click on the Sun in the middle, a secret passage will open for you to enter.
  • Climb down the rope; you’ll meet several people wearing purple robes. You just need to talk on the last boy in line with two teeth’s at front and pimples. He will give you a small key. After you received it, go out and exit this place.
  • Next, go back to the House of Mordred.
  • Walk to the left and go up, and then walk to the right towards the bed of Mordred. Underneath his bed, pick up the Missing page from Mordred’s journal.
  • Go ahead and examine its content and remember the other coordinates written 56 and 52 for the Pewter moon.
  • Leave the museum now and run back to the right at the Ye Olde Rumour Mille.
  • After the guy who gave you the bag of manure previously, you will see two bundles of hay.
  • Push them to the right and jump over them and stand on the middle. To make them split, push the other one on left to reveal another secret door. Use your small key to unlock it.
  • Go down and walk to the left to the mechanical owl. It will fly outside and you need to follow it.
  • Now release the mechanical mouse on your backpack and the owl will go for it and will chomp it.
  • The owl will be your friend now and will follow you around.
  • Again, go down the secret passage on the ground. Walk to the left and get Mordred’s Journal located on the chair.
  • Continue to go left, push the wall until it collapsed. Walk to the left and enter the small arch hole on the end. This will lead you inside the jail where you saw the robot before.
  • The robot will explode and the green fuel rod will fly outside the jail. So you need to click on your owl friend then click the rod to pick it up for you. And then click the owl again and click yourself, so that it will give you the fuel rod.
  • Exit the jail and leave the underground place.
  • Return to the windmill and go back to the flying craft you left on the mud. Jump on it and fly to the right till you find a spacecraft which is the Excalibur.
  • Click on the spacecraft and a control panel will show on screen. Replace the broken rod with your new fuel rod, just drag it.
  • Next you need to enter the last two coordinates you found on the missing page of Mordred’s journal which is the destination for the Pewter Moon: 56 & 52.
  • Just spin the dials that look like eyeballs, until you get the correct coordinates.
  • Then click on the red launch button and you’ll fly out to the space.

Pewter Moon

  • The fuel rod of your spacecraft will be depleted and you’ll land on Pewter Moon.
  • Run to the right and jump on the moving platform in the middle of the Astrozone.
  • Go inside the building; you can see a green alien on the window of it.
  • You’ll talk to the green alien and ask him how to get off this planet and he’ll tell you to leave your ship for scrap and you can build a new one on the Holopad.
  • Go outside and move to the left. Click on the Holopad machine, with a sign of Build your own rocket here.
  • You can design your own rocket, and make your choice for the speed and shield.
  • Click done button when you’re finished.
  • The new rocket ship is on the launch pad on your left waiting for your biggest exploration.

How to Use the Rocket

  • To take off in space, just click Launch. To fly the spacecraft, move your cursor around and check out the coordinates in the bottom left that represent each planet that you will need to visit.
  • You can use your weapon by clicking on the direction you aim for those other ships and space creatures that will attack you.

Jungle Planet

Coordinates: X-15, Y-15
Outer Space Enemies: Alien ships

  • When you arrive on this planet, go outside your rocket ship. Go down to the left and go to the platform under a spotlight with a green weapon above it. Go ahead and pick up your Laser Lance.
  • Next, jump on the flowers with spring on your left; they will propel you onto other flowers until you reach your rocket ship.
  • Then on your right, there are swinging platforms with gears, have the right timing to jump on each. Be careful on the green caterpillars as they may get you zapped.
  • Jump on the platform at the end and continue to go right.
  • You’ll meet Sir Cador, a knight in green armor. He will tell you that there is someone or something held on the cage, which might be the princess.
  • Jump on the rope, there are giant eggs with giant spring chickens that opens and close. You need to have the right time as well to jump on them. Jump on the first egg when it is close and jump quickly to the next one after they open then close.
  • At the end you’ll find the Pegasus, a flying unicorn. Then Sir Cador will make warning that Mother Phoenix is approaching.
  • Battle with Mother Phoenix-using your unicorn you’ll fly up in the air and the laser lance will be your weapon. Before the Mother Phoenix will appear, you need to dodge on the flying bugs; lightning and rocket missiles or you can fire them using the laser.
  • After a while, Mother Phoenix will come. She will open her mouth and will fire rocket missiles towards you, while you need to fire a fully charged shot on her open mouth three times. (Click and hold on your mouse until the tip lights up a circle green and then fire). You need to watch out on your back as she may sneak behind you.
  • When you already defeated her, you will return to the knight. He’ll go with you in search for the princess. You’ll go back on your ship, click on Launch and then press the Teleport Home button.

Fire Planet

Coordinates: X-83, Y-20
Outer Space Challenge: black hole

  • When you get outside on this planet you will be surrounded on hot lava. You need to go to the left by jumping on each moving platforms push up by lava. Jump down on the next platform when it goes down.
  • On the last platform, you need to wait until it reaches the top of the volcano crater where you should jump over left.
  • Go down the volcano crater.
  • When you’re inside the volcano you need to hide on its potholes to avoid the yellow steam that will pass by. The saying is very true on this challenge, “Patience is a Virtue”. You need to be patient and careful if you don’t want to start over again.
  • Keep moving on these hollow curves when the yellow steam disappears.
  • When you get on a much open area, the steam will stop but you will encounter rolling rocks on your way.
  • You need to jump over these rocks to get into the red knight, named Sir Pellas.
  • He will tell you that the princess is now a captive of the beast and he is not strong enough to beat it. Instead he’ll give you now the Ice arrow to slay the beast yourself.
  • Proceed to the left. Jump on the first metal chain you’ll see as you enter the room. Climb up and jump off left until you reach the last chain.
  • Go down and sneak behind the fire dragon until you reach the lever on its center, which you need to click to freeze the dragon temporarily.
  • Move to the right immediately and click your ice arrow to fire it on its open mouth.
  • The smoke will come out on its nose and it will start jumping up and down causing the stalactites to fall.
  • Go ahead and repeat the process till you defeat the dragon. You must have three shots to destroy it.
  • When you successfully destroyed the dragon, the red knight will come to you and will be your accompany too for the search with the princess.

Ice Planet

Coordinates: X-73, Y-83
Outer Space Enemies: Space Sharks

  • On your way to Ice planet you’ll encounter three space sharks in here that you need to trap on the black hole which is unlike to the first two planets which you just need to avoid of the space aliens and drive away from the black hole.
  • You need to make the sharks follow you and lure them away on the black hole.
  • Once you have eliminated all the sharks and were able to land on this planet, go outside your rocket ship.
  • You’ll be on a platform above the ice water, that if you touched it, you’ll go back on your rocket ship.
  • You need to jump on the platforms to the left while avoiding the robot fish that comes out of the water. Jumping is not easy in here, because you will slide on the ice platforms. So you better land on the middle to avoid that and must move very fast.
  • When you reach the end, go to the right to enter the next zone.
  • Climb up on the platforms while avoiding the giant snowballs. You need to get on top of the mountain to meet the last blue knight, Sir Gawain.
  • He will give you a special force shield and your battle with the tiger-shaped giant helicopter will begin.
  • The helicopter will drop snowballs at you but you can use your force shield to bounce it back and hit the helicopter. Ice spikes will also attack you so you better watch it out and avoid them.
  • Your shield needs to recharge, so when it’s empty you need to be careful and make sure to dodge all attacks because you will be defenseless in few seconds and need to wait for the shield to be fully charged.
  • You need to hit the helicopter thrice to destroy it.
  • The blue knight will join your search for the princess after the helicopter had crashed.

Crystal Gate

Coordinates: X-11, Y-82
Outer Space Challenge: Asteroid Belts

  • Now you have the three you can now go to this planet, just be alert on the asteroid belts you’ll encounter on your way.
  • When you arrive, go outside and climb up the crystal mountain where you have landed. The three knights were already on top waiting for you to pull out the sword stuck on the crystal stone wherein it will create a little whirlpool which will be your entrance to the castle of Binary Bard.
  • Jump down and talk to the princess. She’ll get the three mystical weapons from you. Once she does, she will reveal herself as the Binary Bard in disguise. He’ll disappear after.
  • Next, you need to click on the wall which is behind the Binary Bard previously, to begin your puzzle game. You need to reveal the whole image of King Mordred. You click on one of the square and it will flip or will show the other images of the nearby squares. This is tricky but you can solve it in time because you just need to try all of them and make some practice.
  • When you complete the puzzle, it will be your entrance for your final battle.

Final Battle with Mordred

  • The battle comes in two parts and you only have one health meter for these parts.
  • First part: You’ll fly Merlin around; your robot owl needs to avoid the spinning discs and Mordred’s robot arms.
  • He needs to get two bombs from the black bombs that Mordred dropped. Fly over him and wait till the bombs start blinking red and wait for a few seconds to release it over.
  • The bombs will explode. When you are successful with the two bombs, Mordred will destroy Merlin.
  • You need to lure Mordred to get close on the platform where the princess is trapped.
  • When he is close enough, jump onto Mordred, and then jump on the princess ‘platform.
  • Next jump on the left chandelier and get into the middle, Mordred will go underneath to fire his laser to you but he will hit the chandelier instead making it fall onto him.
  • Repeat the step on the right chandelier until the green energy orb drops from his head.
  • His robot will be destroyed but he will come again but this time the princess will knock him down.
  • The princess will take the orb to the Kingdom of Arturus to restore its power.
  • And then the king will ask for your presence and will award the island medallion for completing this mission. You can also see Merlin again, for he was repaired.

Congratulations. You beat Astro-Knights Island!