Big Nate Island

Big Nate Island is a quirky quest that takes place in the world of Big Nate, a popular comic strip from Lincoln Pierce. Here are all the cheats for Big Nate Island.

From your balloon when you land at Big Nate Island, go to the right side and you will see Comic Book store go there and look for a man on your right side with eyeglass.

Big Nate Island

Speak to him and help him look for the missing pieces of the comic, and he will give you the missing pictures of the comic that you have to complete. Go back to the Main Street and enter to the Pop-In Shoppe, jump on the third floor and pick up the piece of comic on the couch. Back to the Main Street go straight to your right side and go to the Photo Store and get the another piece of comic on the top of the spotlight. Now go outside and jump to the post and get the page of the comic at the top of the post.

Big Nate Comic Book Store

Jump down and run to your right side until you arrived at the School Zone and go inside. On the right side there is a stairs and pick up the pieces of comic. While on the school go to the Science Lab on the second floor and get the piece of comic on the left side near to the picture of the solar system. Go out to the school and jump on the windowsill and jump until you get to the second floor of the windowsill, on the right side and grab the other piece of the comic. When you get the another page of the comic run to the playground and jump until you reach the top, a missing piece of a comic is on the air. To get the other page, on the air wait for it to get close to you and grab it by jumping.

All the way to the right there is a tower on the Puffin Point, go up by jumping on the ladder, bars and get the piece of comic on the top of the tower. Once you get it, use the telescope and move it to the right side of your screen and you will see a paper that is under the rock.

Now close the telescope and jump on the tower on the left side of the tower, were you and get the Old Photograph. Tip if you miss to get the Old Photograph, go back to the tower and jump over it. It is just floating on the air near the tower. When you completed the missing pages of the comic, arrange them and you will see a NINE THREE ZERO FIVE. Go back to the Main Street and get inside the Comic Shop tell the man that you complete the missing pieces of the comic. He will give you a Pack of Stale Gum.

When you got the Bubble Gum go out and get back to the Photo Shop and talk to the man with a fat belly. Give the Old Photograph to him and he will give you a Scuba Gear as a reward. From the Main Street go ahead to the School Zone and then to the Science Lab and get the test tube pour the blue half of the test tube and the yellow liquid a little bit of it to make a Stink Bomb. Get out on the Science Lab and go to the locker area and use the combination number NINE THREE ZERO FIVE to open the locker.

After you opened the locker, the books will push you backward but go back to the locker and get the School Blue Print. When the School Blue Print is on your hands, go to the signage NO GUM CHEWING. Use the Pack of Stale Gum and chew it, funny isn’t it? Wait for the lady to talk to you for not following the rules. As a penalty, you will bring to the detention area. While the lady is talking use the Stink Bomb that you made, to make the room smell bad. After you use the Stink Bomb, the lady will go out you can now sneak on the green cabinet and open it. A secret passage will open use the ladder wood will help you go down. When you get there it may be dark, push the lights on, at the side of the ladder. If you can see a Bell Clapper thing hanging on the hook near on the lights, pick it up. At the time you get the Bell Clapper go up to the ladder by jumping on the door. And go out to the school and run to the left until you reach again to the Puffin Point where the paper under the rock is.

Now for you to get it, use the Scuba Gear and dive to the sea and go look for the Lobster Trap near to the Oyster beds. Once you get the Lobster Trap and if you run out of oxygen, you will be go back to the Oyster Beds area. You will see a man looking at you and talk to him and exchange your Lobster Trap to a Lobster and a Jet Ski Keys. Now since you get a Lobster, go up to the tower and change the direction of the light on the top of the tower using the Lobster you’ve get. In short use the Lobster on the lights from the right direction to the left direction to light the school, this will scare the bird on the bell and fly away on its nest. Now jump again downward and get into the Jets Ski, and Big Nate will challenge you in a race. You have to win the race but be careful on the appliances that were on the sea and the egg of some birds that will hurt you. Tip: the best way to win this race is to drive faster more than Big Nate do, always go ahead of him and one more thing every three seconds the birds, appliances will appear to make you slow.

Looking for the Lobster Trap in Big Nate Island

At the end of the competition, jump on the top of the platform rock and push the seals to your left side to get the paper on the middle of the rocks. Get the Map of the Capsule on the middle of the rocks, and then go back to the Puffin Point and proceed to the School Zone. When you arrived at the School Zone, remember the bell where you put the direction of the light on the tower? Go there by jumping on the windowsills of the school. Then use the Bell Clapper to ring the bell.

When the students heard the bell, go back to the playground and enter to the signage KIDS ONLY. There is a paper on the left side that has a sign GO TO JAIL. Click on it and form a CHARACTER word, click each letter that you need. After you complete the word, you will get a Peanut Butter Crackers. Now go down and give the Peanut Butter Crackers to the dog. When the dog comes to get the Peanut Butter Crackers, he will dig up the ground and you will see a box, which is the Capsule.

Click on the Capsule and zoom in on it.

Time Capsule in Big Nate Island

There is a pearl inside the Capsule that is worth as much as necessary money to save the school. After you get the pearl, a newspaper will appear and your face on the front-page. Close button and you will arrived at the School Zone and the lady will give you the Island Medallion. Congratulations!!!