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Poptropica Santa Buddies Ad WalkthroughPoptropica Santa Buddies Ad Walkthrough
, – A full walkthrough for the Santa Buddies mission in Poptropica. You have to find all five dogs and return them to the sleigh in 60 seconds

Poptropica Lego Bionicle Glatorian Legends WalkthroughPoptropica Lego Bionicle Glatorian Legends Walkthrough
, – This is a complete walkthrough of the Poptropica LEGO Bioncle Glatorian Legends advertisment mission in the Poptropica game. This mission is only available to boy characters and appears only in some of the Poptropica islands. It is a very easy mission to do if you follow this walkthrough video and you can get some pretty neat rewards at the end.


Hey people, welcome to my Poptropica Walkthroughs site. Poptropica is a really fun game on the Web where you travel around to different islands …