Cryptids Island

You will experience how to be a cryptozoologist in this island. The cryptids you’ll search are very famous specially the Yeti in Himalayas and the Loch Ness monster in Scotland (lake monster). So keep going and let’s start your quest now!

Cryptids Island - Kite Store

Getting Started

  • When you get into this island, you will be given a Reward Flyer by a guy in front of the post cards section of the General Store building. Check out the flyer for details.
  • Next go all the way to the right and past the mansion of Harold Mews, the one who is funding the hunt for the existence of cryptids.
  • On the first tree you’ll encounter after the mansion there is five dollar bill that you need to get. So jump on the tree to pick it up.
  • Next, return to the General store on your left then buy sports drink and then leave the place.
  • Head your way back to the right to Mew’s mansion till you get on his gardener, give him the sports drink you brought and he’ll give you his gardening shears as a return.
  • Cryptids Island - Gardener

  • Now, go back all the way to the left till you see a woman having trouble with her hang glider. Give her a push to fly up in the air.
  • Jump on the roof top and cut the rope to release the hot air balloon. Now you have your Nylon rope.
  • Go back to Main Street at Kitty’s Kites store. Show your nylon rope and the store owner will give you the Kitesurfer X250.
  • Return to Cliff Park and use your Kitesurfer X250 after the rocks on the left where you saw the glider. Notice the sea lion there.
  • While you do surf gliding, you’ll see Gretchen Grimlock on her motorboat. She will tell you to give up the prize money and will shoot your kite. It will burn up and you’ll get drowned. Luckily Mews helicopter is there to rescue you.
  • You’ll wake up on Harold Mews’ mansion. He will help you on your quest, so better to drink all your medicine located at the side table.
  • Exit the room and follow him downstairs. Go to the right and enter the door near an elephant picture.
  • You’ll get inside the cryptids’ museum. Go downstairs and check all the stations of unconfirmed cryptids on your right. There is a confirmed one, which is on the middle part, the Giant Squid.
  • Exit the room and leave the mansion and go to the right where Mews helicopter is located. This is the beginning of you quest.

Himalayas – Bigfoot, Part 1

  • Climb up the mountain to the right till you see a Sherpa. He’ll be your guide.
  • Next, both of you will climb up the mountain using the rope anchors, but you need to go first and tie the rope onto the metal rings to secure it and then the guide will follow you.
  • When you reach the top, go left and you’ll get on a monastery. Walk to the right and enter the place then walk to the right again and talk to the head monk. He will give you the Unlit Camping lantern.
  • Since you do not have a camera, you’ll have to leave the place first, get into your helicopter and proceed to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico (Chupacabra)

  • When you arrived on this place, you’ll see a goat herdsman who is rescuing another hunter sabotaged by Gretchen Grimlock. Go down and talk to him and he’ll let you use his jeep to drive around.
  • When you get into the jeep you have another three stars to visit on the map. The first star on the bottom right corner is your current location.
  • First star on the upper right-you’ll meet the brother of the goat herder and he’ll show you the unidentified fur on his fence on the left side.
  • Second star on map on the upper left corner- you’ll need to climb on top of a hill by jumping on the spring poles on the right to get the bolt cutters.
  • Next is the middle star, Snaggletooth Rock. You need to herd three spotted goats on the center as bait to the chupacabra.
  • Go back to your helicopter and return to Mews mansion to do some DNA test on the unidentified fur on its laboratory. You’ll find out that it is a coyote fur and you’ll leave the place to go back to Puerto Rico.
  • This time, the goat herder already set up a trap for the chupacabra.
  • You need to drive on the center star and meet the goat herder. Follow him and hide on the rocks, you’ll hear a thump sound when the chupacabra get caught on his trap.
  • Now you need to push the chained box on the truck, but it will get open and the chupacabra will escape but you’ll see the Chupacabra tooth dropped off the ground. Pick it up and return to Mews mansion and to confirm its existence.

Before you go to New Jersey, pass by on Loch Ness; go to the right at the Pub. Get the matches inside the pub on left side, then head your way to NJ.

New Jersey (Jersey Devil)

  • Go to the right to the restroom past the gas station. Use your bolt cutters to open the garbage bin. You’ll see what’s inside the bin, remove the other garbage and get the Bathroom stall door.
  • Enter the restroom and move to the left and get the other half of the stall door. You’ll the complete bathroom door message. Just take note of the directions: right, left, left, right, right, right, left, and left.
  • Hop on the motorcycle nearby and drive into the woods. Use the directions on the message and when you reached a dead end click look around on the bottom right corner.
  • Use your matches to light your lantern because it’s too dark. Walk to the right and get inside the house.
  • Go upstairs and you’ll hear a sound coming from the attic. Push the small cabinet to the right till the end and then jump over it to reach the attic.
  • Walk to the right and pick up the grappling hook near a barrel where the raccoon is hiding.
  • Leave the attic and go downstairs. As you leave the house, the jersey devil will appear on the window.
  • Go outside the house and you’ll see it again near a tree on left. He’ll fly up.
  • Use your grappling hook to climb up the tree and just get the broken egg shells.
  • Leave the forest and go back to Mews mansion. You’ll do another DNA test and it will prove that the egg shells are from the Jersey devil, another proof of its existence.

Loch Ness (Nessie)

  • You arrived on a dock in here. Go back to the Nessie’s pub. On your way, help the old man whose yellow truck is stuck. He’ll give you his rugged camera.
  • Continue to go to the pub, go to the right and play dart game with the blonde man with blonde mustache.
  • He’ll give you ratty darts and you will start to play.
  • Beat him and you’ll receive Osprey-feathered darts and a rowboat ticket.
  • Leave the pub and go to the left at the dock area.
  • Use your rowboat ticket to have a ride.
  • You’ll see something behind the rocks and you’ll take a photo of Loch Ness monster. Go back to Mews mansion.
  • Unfortunately, Dr. Harold will tell you that you need a close-up photo for proof, so you need to go back to Loch Ness.
  • You’ll return to the dock and confront the boat driver and he’ll run to the right. You go back to the pub and play dart again with the guy in beret cap. This time you’ll have a Submarine ticket if you won.
  • Go back to the port and use your ticket to start your submarine tour.
  • When you get at the bottom of the lake, you’ll see a monster but looks like a fraud. You take a photo and bring this one to the dart players on the pub.
  • The guy with the beret cap proves that the photo is a fake one because that is just a movie prop that sinks to the bottom of the loch.
  • He’ll give you another Peregrine-feathered darts as a souvenir, but as you leave you’ll meet the first guy you beat on the first dart game. He is asking for a rematch and will give you something that will help you for your Nessie’s search if you beat him again.
  • When you win the game, the guy will not give you a prize instead the bartender will give you a Pennywhistle as a prize for your honest game. He says that if you blow it, Nessie will appear.
  • Go back to the dock area and take a ride on the rowboat. Continue to go left past the huge rock where you took your first fake photo.
  • When you reach the next zone, blow your Pennywhistle and Nessie the real Loch monster will appear next to you.
  • Take a photo and it will submerge on water. Go back to right to your helicopter and return again to Mews mansion.
  •   Dr. Harold will confirm that is the best photo of Nessie. You just confirmed another cryptid’s existence.

Himalays (Big Foot) Part 2

  • Go back to Himalayas Mountain, meet the Sherpa again and climb the mountain up to the monastery.
  • Outside the monastery, climb the mountain on left.
  • You’ll meet another monk who’ll challenge you on a little game.
  • When you beat him you can go further on top of the mountains and you will see a footprint near the trees and you’ll take a photo of snow track.
  • Go down the mountain and go to your helicopter to return to the mansion.
  • Dr. Harold says that the photo is just a snowshoe print. Also he received a report that Bigfoot was in the Pacific Northwest, and that location has been added to your helicopter computer.
  • When you ride the helicopter and choose Pacific Northwest, you will sight Bigfoot running on the ground hiding on trees. You need to keep him on view to find out where on those caves he lives. (this will take one to three minutes)
  • When he enters the cave, you will report to Dr. Harold Mews but Gretchen has bugged your helicopter’s communication system and will arrive using her own helicopter to capture Bigfoot.
  • You need to chase and get close to hers and then jump on her helicopter and open the gas tank to spill out the fuel.
  • Next, jump on the cage and use you’re gardening shears to cut the rope and you’ll go down using the cage’s parachute.

Finale – Getting the Reward

  • You’ll re-appear on Mews mansion. You already confirmed Bigfoot’s existence. Dr. Harold plan to buy the land around Bigfoot for a safe habitat but he don’t have enough fortune anymore because of the million dollar reward.
  • So you turn down the million bucks to accomplish Dr. Harold’s plan to Bigfoot.
  • And then, finally he’ll give you the island medallion for being a generous person!

Congratulations! You beat Cryptids Island!