Game Show Island

Robots rule this island far in the future of Poptropica. Poptropica citizens have already lost their hope for a brighter future but they do not have to worry because you finally came to this island to beat the supercomputer Holmes and restore rule to the humans. Surely you’ll bring inspiration for them all.

Poptropica Game Show Island

There are lots of different puzzle games to accomplish but using your wit and these simple guides you’ll surely win and will become the Game Show Island winner!

Getting Started

  • When you arrived on the island, go to the right till you reach the Robo-Bling Boutique.
  • Move upward to its roof top to get the Toolkit.
  • Game Show Island - Toolkit

  • Go down and go to the left and enter the Factory.
  • Next, jump on the boxes to reach the upper platform then go to the right. You’ll see the control panel of the crane.
  • There are three of these control panels you need to click to raise the crane to reach the above platform. Second one is on left and the last control panel is on top right side.
  • When you reached the platform, walk to the right and click on the computer to raise the door on the power supply room.
  • Click on the crane control panel, click red down button to move the crane downwards so that you can jump on it to reach the other platform on the right side.
  • Walk to the right and use your toolkit to unscrew the power box which will appear on screen with four screws to unlock.
  • Game Show Island - Power Box

  • Then click on the Robot factory section to restore its power, and then go down to the left, a woman worker will give you an electric fan. Leave the place.
  • Run all the way to the right till you get on Club Nouveau Richie, talk to the robot outside. He will tell you to fix the air conditioner inside. So go on, walk inside the club.
  • Walk to the left, talk to the guy with curly hair in front of the purple couch. Use your electric fan and he’ll give you a nickel in exchange.
  • Now, head your way back to the left till you return to the Robot Factory. Walk a bit further right till you meet a guy near a little house on the left side of the building.
  • Give him the nickel and he will give you the Heat Vision goggles.
  • Return to Club Nouveau Riche, when you get inside wear your goggles immediately.
  • You’ll have a different vision and you’ll see that someone or something went to the vent shaft.
  • Go outside and move to the left to the vent, then use your electric fan when you are at the middle. This will fly you up and will land you on the platform in the vent.
  • Next use your toolkit to unscrew the door. Get inside when you’re done.
  • You’ll meet the guy with eyeglasses, you will talk to him and offer him some help but he’ll replied that he don’t believe you and you are just one of the Holmes’s henchmen in a human disguise.
  • He will run and the Fog maker machine will fall, you need to get up and push the classical music player till it drops on below. He will also push you a giant ball when you get to a ladder making the ladder collapsed and falls together with you.
  • Next walk to the right till you see a rope you need to climb up, and then go to the left and use the ladder to go up till you see a special panel access (roof access).
  • Again wear your goggles and you’ll see the right numbers to click ( 2-0-1-4-2) then click enter. The panel will open and you can get in.
  • At last you have corner him on top of the vent; you’ll meet Dr. Harold Langley, the inventor who created Holmes. He will show you on his upad on how he built Holmes and how it became a disaster. Now to help the poptropican people, you need to be a game show champion to bring back their hope for a brighter future.

Istanbul-Scaredy Pants Game Show

  • In order to get into the show, Dr. Harold will give you a jet remote control, that when you use it, a jet plane will go on your place. Its control panel will show on screen, click Istanbul first and the jet will take you to that place.
  • When you arrived on the place, go to the right and go upstairs with the electronic sign, Site under repair, do not pass!
  • Walk to the right and talk to the guy with construction helmet and this will begin you first minaret puzzle game.
  • It will take time but it is very easy, you just need to put the upper pieces on the empty pedestal or on top of the pieces with wider space. (Click on the 1st pc, put it on 3rd empty pedestal then click on the 2nd pc and put it on 4th empty pedestal, then click the 1st little pc and put it on top of the 2nd pc on the 4th pedestal. Then click on the 3rd pc then put it on the 3rd now empty pedestal and then click the 1st pc and put it on top of the 4th pc on the 2nd pedestal. Now put the 2nd pc and 1st pc on top of the 3rd pc on the 3rd pedestal. Next you’ll transfer the 4th pc on the 4th pedestal. Now put the 1st pc on top of the 4th pc then the 2nd pc on the 2nd empty pedestal. Now the 3rd pc on top of 4th pc, then the 1st pc on the 2nd now empty pedestal then put the 2nd pc on top of the 3rd pc and the 1st pc on top).
  • After fixing the minaret, he’ll give you a ticket at the Scaredy pants competition.
  • Use the ticket and you’ll be on the game show.
  • The game show has three challenges. They are just easy but you need to be very fast to win each challenge.
  • First the Darkness Dive-within 60 seconds you need to get the glow stick under the water on the bottom right corner. There are sea robots creatures that you need to avoid and have the right time to pass on them. They are blocking your way, so go down when they are up and vice versa.
  • Next is Creeper Keepers– you need to grab on the creepy creatures-rats, spiders and snakes and put them on the bins with their sign or picture on it.
  • Lastly is Tightrope Terror-You have 5 tries on this challenge. You have to cross the high wire with as few falls as possible. Use your cursor to move forward, but make sure to have a good balance. Just move your cursor on its opposite direction if you’re falling, example when it is lower right you move your cursor on upper left.
  • When you win all these three challenges, you’ll become the winner of Scaredy Pants.
  • You’ll re-appear outside and use your jet remote control to move on your next location.

Miami-Spin for Riches

  • When you get on this place, go to the right and you’ll see Ventana (the blonde girl) and the robot host arguing. You click on the robot host and he’ll tell you to get the prizes safely back to him to start the show.
  • Then you’ll see Ventana drops the circle plate on the window, you have to tilt the awnings and make way for that plate to slide down on them through the middle where the robot host is waiting to catch them. When you make your way, push the plate to slide down the tilted awnings.
  • Repeat the same process for the other two prizes and be more cautious because Ventana will drop these on the higher windows.
  • When you successfully saved them all, the robot will invite you on his game show, Spin for Riches. He’ll give you a ticket which you can use to play the game.
  • You have three rounds on this game. In each game you will be given three clues, just like on the famous Wheel of Fortune game, you need to solve the puzzle words. You take your spin and just click solve when you’re ready to answer the puzzle. Other players can steal a turn if you are not able to solve it quickly and may lose a turn as well.
  • If you became the winner, you can now proceed on your next destination.

Buenos Aires-Kerplunk

  • Go down and go to the left till you see a muscleman robot with a wheel as its legs.
  • You will help him to get inside the gym but you need to fix the clock first.
  • Click on the wall behind you and it will show on screen. Next you need to spin the rings till the cable will be one line to run the power supply and make the clock works. Click the first inner ring, then the outer ring and finally the middle ring.
  • When you’re done the muscleman robot will ask you to take his place and will give you the Kerplunk ticket.
  • There are three courses in here and all courses are about obstacles challenges. The host will explain game rules for every course, so pay attention! You need to get over the obstacles and reach your destination which is the transporter. The player with the fastest time will win.
  • When you surpassed all of these and became the winner, get prepared on the next place.


  • Move down to the right till you see a dizzy robot with circle of stars on his head.
  • Talk to him and help him recognize the code.
  • Jump on the windows above you, you would need to change the color of every window and turn the dial. When you get the right color, the robot will tell you it’s correct.
  • When you get all the correct colors and the signal, the helicopter will land on top and the robot will give you a Brainiacs Ticket.
  • This show is a question and answer portion. You pick a category and a question with multiple choices will appear. The player with the highest score will win.

Tokyo- Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge

  • Go to the right.
  • Talk to the robots in front of Service Entrance sign.
  • The one-eyed robot with red blinking light on its head will tell you to restore the electrical power.
  • Just like the game on the Steamwork Island, you just need to click on the circuits to make a path for the electricity to reach the starting point.
  • After doing the task. You’ll be given a ticket for Mr. Yoshi’s Super Terrific Challenge.
  • You have three tasks to complete and must amused Mr. Yoshi for every task to win the game.
  • When you’re done, exit the place.
  • Use your jet remote control to return to Main Street.

Main Street-Final Battle with Holmes

  • When you arrived on Main Street, Holmes will call the attention of all robots to apprehend you.
  • You will hear a whistle came from the hole near a tree.
  • Go down to the left and enter the hole.
  • You’ll get into Holmes’ Inner Sanctum and you will see Dr. Harold again. This is the place where he commands all robots.
  • Dr. Harold will give you a thumb drive.
  • Go to the left and click on the big monitor.
  • A puzzle will appear, it is just like your ordinary slide tile puzzle. You need to complete the picture of the circuit’s path to complete the game.
  • When you solve the puzzle, you’ll see Holmes and his robot guard.
  • Run to the left and click again the monitor and start solving the second slide tile puzzle. After you solve it, a flap door will open.
  • Go down inside to the left and solve the last puzzle. When you’re finished another flap door will open.
  • Enter that door and you’ll find Holmes on that room.
  • Run towards him and use the thumb drive. This will fix Holmes and bring him back to normal.
  • Dr. Harold will appear to give you the Island medallion as a reward for being an inspiration that will bring back hope to people.

Island Mission Accomplished!