Ghost Story Island

Arrival on Hemlock Harbor

  1. When you arrived, go straight to the right to Hemlock Herald building and talk to the girl on the right. She will say that she’ll pay you $50 dollars for any ghost evidence you’ll give her.
  2. Leave the place and go all the way to the left to the cemetery. A blonde tourist guide will appear, talk to him and pick the pamphlet he’ll drop when the magistrates arrives.
  3. Walk to the left, a lodger is looking for the burial place of his Uncle Silas Moon. If you find it, he will give you his room at the inn as a reward.
  4. Go back at the Hemlock Herald building to search the place on the archives.
  5. Let the girl opens the door on the archive room. And then go downstairs and click on the cemetery plots box. As you turn the pages of the record book, you’ll see that Silas Moon was buried at LOT C, PLOT 84.
  6. Go back at the cemetery and give the information to his nephew to receive the key for Room B.
  7. Run to the right all the way to reach the Hemlock Haunted Inn. You’ll meet a girl on the hallway. After talking to her, go upstairs on your room, 2B.
  8. Click on the bed to go to sleep. While sleeping, creepy things will happen so you will wake up to investigate.
  9. When you click on the closet, a woman you’ve talked previously with his husband appear. They are just fooling you around. So you tell them to report the incident to the magistrate. They will plead and will tell you about a ghost woman in the window. That if you want to see her you must play her favorite song using the violin.
  10. Leave them on your room and go to the hallway downstairs and get the violin and music. Exit the inn and go to the right and meet the ghost hunter. Again, the magistrate will appear and he will take away the hunter.
  11. Pick up the binoculars on the tent. Get the violin on your back pack and start playing it by moving its bow back and forth, after playing the song….you will see a real ghost on the window.
  12. Use the binoculars to see it clearly, a woman at the window.
  13. Go to the mansion and enter the basement. When you go upstairs, make sure to be fast because they will fall apart. Just in case you failed, push the crate on the stairs resume for you to successfully go up. There is a picture of couple you’ll see when you pass by to enter the next door.
  14. Go to the right and use your telescope. You’ll see a view and then someone will ask “Are you looking for someone? You’ll be startled with the woman that appeared. Curious to know if she’s a ghost but she’ll tell you she’s not. She is Fiona and she will help you find what you are looking for.
  15. She will tell you to go to the baker which named is Jane. Leave the place and run to the left at the Gingerbread house. Talk to Jane; tell her that Fiona sent you to her. She will press a button revealing the ultimate ghost hunting equipments that will be given to you, a thermal scanner, emf detector, thermometer and the camera.
  16. Leave the place but grab some hot cross buns on the table before you do. When you get outside, you’ll meet the guy with salt shaker. He believes that salt will keep the spirits away and for that he will give you some salt. Just thank him before you leave.


Ghost Hunting…


  • Return to the cemetery. Enter the gates and then move this way: Forward, left, forward, right, forward and left till you reach the gate with Letter A mark. Go to the right and climb the hill. Another tourist will appear telling you to hide because a guy in cloak which is on the pamphlet will come. Both of you hide behind a big rock and then the guy in cloak arrives with a rose on its hand. He went to a grave. Take your camera now on your back pack and take a shot. After you take your photo, the guy will ran away.
  • Leave the cemetery, a map will show on the right top corner. You need to get on the Gate H for the exit.
  • Head your way back to the Hemlock Herald building and give the photo to the lady who runs it. She will give you the money.
  • Go to the bank and get inside. Walk to the right and then go down through a door with bank vault sign. Use the money in front of a security guard and then his dog will run to the right and start digging on something. Your thermal scanner will flash on the bottom left corner so you need to get it on your back pack. When you use it, you’ll see a glowing figure hammering on something. Leave the bank.
  • Go back to the Hemlock Herald building. You’ll see the residents are talking about the photo you’ve taken earlier which is now a front cover on the newspaper. The magistrate will come and tells everyone to get back to their place of residence because that is just another hoax. Also he tells you that he will keep a close eye on you.
  • A cut scene of a boat docked on the shores near Fiona’s mansion will be shown. Run again all the way to the right to meet the sailor. He needs a room to stay in, so you give him your room key and in return he will let you use his boat.
  • Go aboard and go to the right on the prison, Alcatraz like. Dock on its port. Enter the building. You’ll see a REPENT sign on the doorway. When you get inside, use your emf detector and then proceed to the elevator at the right. Go to floor H. Again, to the right direction to the warden’s office. Get inside and then place the hot cross buns on the coffee table, wherein a ghost will come to you and will eat them.
  • The ghost is the warden officer; he will give you a mug shot of an escaped prisoner. He will talk to you and then go to the location of the prisoner which is below the mug shot.
  • Exit the office and use the elevator to reach floor D. Look for the cell number eight. When you get inside the warden will trap you, you are now a living replacement for that dead prisoner.
  • Push the bed and you’ll see a hole. Use the thermal scanner when you enter the hole and then at the top right corner you’ll see something.
  • Go up and pick up the sardines, pickaxe and a note to prisoner. When you reach the top, you’ll meet the spirit of the prisoner and will tell you a story about Valiant and Flatbottom. Check out the note to have more clues. Go down to exit the tunnel. You’ll get inside the cell again but this time use your pickaxe and start digging to escape. Use the elevator and go to floor A-exit to leave the place.
  • Go to the boat and head to left to the lighthouse you’ve seen earlier on the telescope at the mansion.
  • On the entrance, pick up the unlit torch and just light it up with the other torch inside.
  • You need to go upstairs but you need to be careful with the gusty winds that may blow your torch fire and knock you over. So duck every time the wind blows.
  • Climb the rope and use the thermometer, you’ll notice the temperature is really high.
  • Next, you’ll need to leave the lighthouse and go to the nearest shores. Wait for the temperature to go down before you return.
  • Now, when you go back to the building you will see a floating torch inside. This time no more gusty winds on your way, so light up your own torch and go upstairs again.
  • You will see a man crying which is the lighthouse keeper. He will tell you another story about ship wreckage.
  • Exit the lighthouse and get aboard and head your way to the north. You will see wreckage which you need to examine to find the locket.


Revelation of secrets…


  • Return to the lighthouse nearby island and dock to the shores near Fiona’s mansion. When you examine the locket, you will see a letter from Fiona which is for Valiant.
  • Go back to the mansion and to the previous room where you gaze on the telescope. But instead of right, go to the left where you’ll see Fiona standing beside the bed.
  • Hand over the locket and the note to her. She will tell you that Valiant was tricked on that forged letter and says that if Henry was responsible the ring came from him will sit forever on the fountain and then she’ll burst in tears and will ran away.
  • Go down and pick up the scrapbook you’ll see. Examine the cherished moments inside. You’ll found out that Henry Flatbottom, Valiant and Fiona were friends. And will get more confused on why Henry tricked Valiant? And what is the ring on the fountain Fiona spoke earlier.
  • You should leave the place now and head your way to the left to see the fountain located at the Main Street.
  • There is a bird guarding its nest. Use the sardines and throw it away to tempt the bird and drive it off the nest. You’ll see a sparkling thing on it, and you’ll see a ring with these inscriptions “Let my Love bring you Joy”.
  • Still to the left, run to the cemetery to the engraver’s shop. Follow this way: forward, right, forward, left and forward, forward, forward and then right. You’ll see the gate marked with letter B. You will find the shop at the right.
  • Enter the shop and show the ring to the old engraver and talk to him. He will tell you to look for this date “August 18, 1929 on the newspaper archives to know the whole story.
  • Leave the whole place and return to Hemlock Herald building. Enter the archives room and go to the microfilm on the table near the drawers.
  • Follow the simple instructions on how to use it, just turn the handles till you reach the 1929 year. Use the zoom to see it clearly. Now you found out that Henry Flatbottom is the town magistrate and creates a memorial for the sailors of mermaid which includes his close friend Valiant LoveJoy.  You’ll have an idea also now for the mysterious guy in cloak.


Fiona’s true love….is Valiant LoveJoy


  • Head your way back to the cemetery on Lot A as shown on the map. Go to the left and you’ll see an unsealed grave. When you push the cover a ladder will appear. Go down the grave and play a very simple maze. You just have to follow the swirling pink rose petals for your directions. If you follow them correctly you’ll get on a ladder which is a secret passage from a tree stump near the cemetery.
  • When you hear someone’s coming on your way, you better hide on left. The mysterious guy in cloak arrives and then he sneezed. You run to the guy and confront him because ghost does not sneeze!
  • He will run on the secret passage on the tree stump.
  •  Chase him and both of you will be on the Lot A of the cemetery. You need to follow him until you end up on the grave where he puts the flower earlier.
  • Get close to him and he’ll tell you to leave. Throw salt into his eyes and his hood will be taken off when his eyes got stung. He is the magistrate.
  • He will command you to leave the place but you tell him to answer first the crimes he’s responsible, for a forged note that sent Valiant Lovejoy to his death.
  • The magistrate admits it and started to confess his feelings with Fiona. Only when his best friend gone, he could woo his dear Fiona. But he got rejected because Fiona’s heart belongs to Valiant only. So she died shortly waiting for his love to return. And because of that terrible deed, he keeps on visiting Fiona’s grave for years now and leaving a rose as a token of penitence. Still that habit doesn’t work and he cannot ever forgive himself. He cried and then the wind blows. The cobwebs on the grave were blown away showing the name engraves on it, Fiona.
  •   The spirit of Fiona together with the other three spirits appeared. Because of the magistrate confession they can rest in peace now. She gives thanks to the magistrate and forgives him. Now they are all in peace.
  • And then suddenly, the spirit of Valiant appears too on the left side. Fiona approach him and said she never lose hope. And tell him to rest and then they vanished.
  •  The magistrate will thank you for helping them all find peace and so he gives you the Island medallion.