Great Pumpkin Island

Great Pumpkin Island is the 15th island created in Poptropica, it is a very brief quest, but you can still have the full 100 credits rewards when finishing it. The plot is about Halloween quest it was based on the Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz and was open to public on October 14, 2010.

Arriving at the island, go to right and speak with Charlie Brown on your way, he received a Halloween Part invitation. You will also meet Lucy, she is in the Van Pelt house, but she is on her way to meet Linus at the Pumpkin Patch to meet the Great Pumpkin. Then there is Violet which is the host of the Halloween party.

You will to go to the Pumpkin Patch. There will be a series of quest to get there. The first challenge is to help Lucy and Charlie to pick the largest pumpkin from the patch. To do this you will need to use the seesaw to balance which is the heaviest. Once you got the heaviest and largest pumpkin, you will need to roll it back to Lucy’s house, be careful because it can easy be squash. The trick is to push it slowly over bumps, then turn back to get to each of the three flags, which are checkpoints. When you get to the checkpoints, if incase you break the pumpkin you will start from the nearest checkpoint and don’t need to start over again. The first hindrance will be the rabbits don’t let them come up under the pumpkin. So when you see them coming, push the pumpkin to avoid them. Next is the hollow tree bridge, roll it very quickly to get through. And last will be the swing set, get as close as possible and stop, and then roll through quickly while all three kids swing to the rear. You will arrive inside the house with Linus and Charlie. They are discussing about Great Pumpkin and Santa, when they leave take the Trick or Treat Bag, then go outside and give it to Pigpen who is outside house and he will give you a lemon sucker.

Give the lemon sucker to Linus, who will give you his Halloween invitation to the party. Pick up the pen from the desk when he leaves.

Go outside and run to the left into Charlie Brown’s yard, you will help Snoopy blow 5 leaves to the leaf pile, to do this keep the leaf in midair with Snoopy’s breathe as he moves them from the tree. Once you’re done, Linus will arrive and jumps into the leaf pile. Then he’ll run, follow him until he fall his blanket. Return to the leaf pile and recover his blanket by moving the leaves. You need to bring it to him and you will find him at the mailbox. Then go left where Lucy is preparing to again trick Charlie Brown with the football. Give the Pen to Charlie when he wants to sign the agreement from Lucy.

After he falls anyway, Kick the Football to get the pilot hat that’s on the tree, it’s for Snoopy. With this you will play a mini-game.

Your first adventure will be the fly against the Red Baron, your plane will be the doghouse which is also the Sopwith Camel, and you need to avoid the shots and bombs of the Baron for 60 seconds. You can easily do this by flying inverted on the top of the screen. When he drops bombs, fly to the opposite way to dodge the bombs.

Next is Crashing behind enemy lines, this is an easy mini game, you just need to avoid the searchlight by hiding to rocks, in a trench, in a haystack, road marker, river, a bush, and finally a chimney.

At the end of the adventure, you’ll arrive on a farm. You’ll see a Halloween mask from the scarecrow and wear it. Now that you have your Halloween custom, you can enter to the Halloween Party, there are also some cool mini games inside. One is the Bobbing for apples: bite 6 of the apples, and don’t miss. Second is the Drawing a Jack o’Lantern, just copy the face. Third is Pin the face on the pumpkin, remember the place of the pumpkin and put each of the 5 features close to where they belong. Last is the Schroeder’s Piano, try to press the right key each time the balls fall, this will play a song and if you play it right the party will end and you can proceed to the Trick or Treat game.

You will arrive wearing your trick or treat costume with the gang. You need to catch the candies each of the house. When you’re trick or treat bag is full, take them Linus and Sally. Linus believes that Great Pumpkin will arrive and it looks like a large pumpkin rises! But… it turns out that Snoopy was lifting it up. Sally will leave because Great Pumpkin wasn’t real, then Lucy arrives to get back home Linus, and gives you the Great Pumpkin Island Medallion.

Did you have fun?