Mystery Train Island

Mystery Train Island

Arriving at the Mystery Train, you will fall into a hill, go down to the left and run till you see a train that is going to Chicago, look for a man that loaded with bags and wishes to put his luggage into the train but cannot to by himself, so help him, he is Thomas Edison by the way.

To help him, read the instruction make sure to click on the luggage pieces from small to big bags, by helping him he will offer you a ride to go along with him in Chicago. Agree with the offer and ride on to the train.

Mystery Train Island - Helping Edison

Inside the Train

You will need to talk to almost everyone on the train and you’ll find celebrity travelers on board one of which are Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Gustav Eiffel and more.

  • The first man that you need to talk to is Ferris, the guy with a worried face. He will tell you something and will give you the telegram.
  • Then run left and talk to Nikola Tesla, who is standing outside of his cabin door.
  • Then run to the left side to the next cart of the train, you will have to go inside the Ms. Susan B. Anthony’s room talk to the lady and she will give you a pamphlet.
  • Get out the room and find Gustav Eiffel, talk to him then go inside a room where Erik Weisz and talk to the man.
  • Get out of the room and run left till you find a guy wearing a hat and a pencil in his ear. Talk to him and proceed to Mark Twain’s cabin and speak with him.
  • Get out of the room and to the left again and pick up a pencil that’s lying on a table as you run past.
  • Go inside the Mlle. Moreau’s room. Speak with her and she’ll give you a copy of her newspaper, Le Monde.
  • Now that you’ve met with everyone, you can go back to Thomas Edison’s room and talk to him. He’ll tell you about his latest invention and leave, a sudden dark scene showing the train heading into a tunnel. But when the lights come back, the projector is missing! Thomas Edison and the reporter arrive and want to know what happened. You need to find the person who stole the project.

Mystery Train Island - Le Monde


This is the part where you need to find clues and evidence to catch the invention’s thief. It’s a pretty easy task, you just need to click on other passengers to speak with them and a box of your clues will appear.

  • Start off with Thomas Jefferson, then to the New York Times reporter, then Mark Twain he will have his select his portrait in your clues area, but he won’t say that he has a secret compartment. Find the hollow panels on the wall and click it, it is the secret compartment, inside is his manuscript of Huckleberry Finn.
  • Then the train will stop, go out and talk to the reporter again and he’ll give you another clue. Then, you’ll appear on board the train’s engine.
  • Go to the left where Susan B. Anthony’s cabin, speak to her.
  • Now you can talk to all passengers randomly to get more clues, until you get to the reporter, talk to him and click on the device.
  • Go back to the Thomas Edison’s door and you’ll notice spots on the door.
  • Talk to the train porter and select the glass of prune juice.
  • Take the notepad that he’ll give you and use the pencil that you got earlier. Scratch it to reveal the imprinted text that was left behind. It will be Telsa’s prune juice.
  • Go to the luggage car on the right and find the handprint and coal smudges, but as soon as you find them, someone will throw a pair of scissors at you but instead of being angry, pick it up.
  • Go all the way to the coal car to talk to the coal man then click on the coal smudges clue.
  • Go back to Thomas Edison’s room and talk to the porter, the coal man’s alibi and coal smudges clue will then be eliminated.
  • Run to the right and till you find the reporter of Le Monde and tells you to dress up like the porter. Go inside the porter’s closet and wear porter’s costume.
  • Now go to Tesla’s room and talk to him, he’ll ask to refill of prune juice, while you refill his pitcher, he’ll leave to use the bathroom. This is your chance to sneak up some clues while he’s gone.
  • Click on random objects in the room, till you get the Luggage Key.
  • Then leave the room and go back the trunk, use the key on the trunk and you’ll find the projector inside.
  • The Le Monde reporter will go to get the security guards.
  • The next moment, Pinkerton Detective and porter arrive with Tesla. And asks you to return the device to Edison. But Edison doesn’t believe Tesla stole it.

Finding the real thief

Now, review the film on the device and it looks like Tesla was setup and he’s innocent.

  • Get out of the room and go right.
  • Go to the luggage car and jump up through the open hole onto the roof.
  • Run to the right, but try to avoid the obstacles by jumping and ducking, at the last car jump down and you will find Tesla on the coal car. He’ll give you a sketch of his cabin.
  • Now go to his cabin and examine the sketch, it’s a comparing mini game. You just need to spot the difference on the sketch and to the current cabin, you’ll find the pencil and the trunk.
  • Once you won the mini-game return to Tesla in the coal car.
  • Talk to him and you’ll get another clue, then enter to the Erik Weisz cabin. Talk to him and you’ll get a new clue about Eric Weisz and his odd behavior.
  • Leave and run to the left ask the reporter about Eric Weisz. He’ll give you a copy of the New York Times newspaper. Examine it to read an article about Harry Houdini. Now go back to Eric Weisz’ cabin.
  • He’ll be gone, but a lock pick bag will be on the floor, pick it up then Eric Weisz will appear.
  • But when you talk to him, he’ll jump up and climbs to the top of the train, then try to catch him.
  • But you will find him trapped inside the car and he’ll needs your help.
  • Use the lock pick bag to help him. Click on each of the locks and then drag the lock picks with the matching symbols to open it. You can do this by pushing the lock so that it will rests on the red line.
  • After you rescue him, he’ll tell you that his innocent, and tells you to find out what Tesla was hiding.
  • Now, go back again to Tesla and negotiate to him. Then use the lock pick set to set him free. He’ll tell you that he has a transformer that can generate energy to power the ferris wheel. He then give you the sketch
  • Return to Mark Twain’s cabin and talk to him.
  • Then get out of the room and speak with the stranger on the last car.
  • Go to Pinkerton Security car and jump to the first platform then to the left drop down to the middle and then left and drop down to the guard, then go inside the caboose.
  • You’ll find a man with a moustache which is Grover Cleveland, the President of the United States! With him, put together all the clues in order: glass of prune juice, coal smudges, key, Tesla’s briefcase, transformer sketch. Then the President Cleveland will tell you to return to the luggage car.
  • Go there and use the key to open the suitcase with the coal smudge, there are bunch of French stuffs inside.
  • So talk to Gustav Eiffel, who is French and he’ll point out that the handkerchief belongs to a lady. It must be the reporter from Le Monde!
  • But the train will stop and Le Monde reporter will be there having the transformer and she was planning to ruin the Ferris wheel.
    Catching the thief
  • Follow her, while avoiding the obstacles and the guards. If you get stuck to here, there is a video walkthrough available that you can watch.
  • When you reach the top of the Ferris Wheel, the Le Monder reporter is waiting there and she will throw the transformer down. Quickly jump to the rope on your left to make you swing ang catch the transformer.
  • Then go back to the top, but the reporter will fall down into a water trap below. Jump down and then walk up to Ferris. Click on the transformer and click the Use button.
  • You have saved the day! Congratulations!