Mythology Island

Here are all the cheats for Mythology Island on Poptropica. Follow this walkthrough step-by-step to beat the island and win the medallion. Mythology Island is one of the most popular islands in the game, but also one of the most difficult to complete. There are many puzzles and difficult obstacles to overcome. The boss battle at the end with Zeus is also very challenging, but with this guide you should be able to defeat him!

  1. From the air balloon, jump on the roof to the Hero’s Hut and ask the lady on the right side.
  2. Go straight to the left side and enter to the Museum of Olympus.
  3. Look for pictures of gods and read a short story about the gods and the way to beat the Titans.
  4. Get the Starfish on the face of Poseidon statue he’s statue is on the right side of the jump over the other statue to get the Starfish.
  5. Poseidon Statue in Mythology Island

  6. Go to the left side on your screen inside the Grove of Temples.
  7. Get the free pipe on the picture and click the statue of the lady with a pipe and she will teach you a song and give you a Pipe Tune.
  8. After you listen to the song go back to the Main street and run all the way to the left until you reach to the Tree of Immortality.
  9. When you see some notes of “become a god” go straight to a temple and go up until you reach the Tree of Immortality.
  10. Climb up to the tree and use the snakes to talk to climb up.
  11. On the upper right side of the tree, talk to the satyr whose standing and talk to here.
  12. After you talk to him, you have to collect all the ten Golden Honey in sixty seconds.
  13. When you complete the ten Golden Honey go back to the satyr and he will tell you where can you find the Golden Apple.
  14. After you seen the hiding Golden Apple get it.
  15. When you get the Golden Apple the satyr will disappear and Zeus will appear and will talk to you with an angry voice, talk to him and will give you the Sacred Items Scroll.
  16. Open the Sacred Items Scroll and examine it. Once you read it, go down to the tree were Athena is there. Talk to Athena and she will tell you that Zeus don’t tell the truth.
  17. And she will use a fruit of an olive tree, for you to use as a source of information.
  18. All the way to the left side the Garden of the Sphinx, you will see a dying flower on the left side of the bridge.
  19. Runto the left side until you reach to reach to the bridge, then run straight to the left to The Minotaur.
  20. Go up to the stones and see for the fruit of the olive tree and click it and you will see the instruction of Athena to open the gate.
  21. Use the reed pipe to open the gate and play a song on the pipe.
  22. When you enter to the gate you will see Minotaur with the ring on the nose.
  23. Minotaur in Mythology Island

  24. He can give you his ring if you can go through his labyrinth.
  25. Enter to the door, and Athena will guide you.
  26. Use the Magic Thread to find the way on labyrinth.
  27. Tip the Minotaur’s Labyrinth is like a puzzle, when you’re getting lost use the magical Thread to go back.
  28. You can use the steel rope when getting up and down to find the way out of Labyrinth.
  29. While on the way, you will see a ghost that once called The Pan.
  30. When Pan disappears go up to the bricks and click the blocks to open the next puzzle.
  31. Tips remove some bones to form a word TEN.
  32. After the gate open, go down using the rope and be careful on the scorpion that will hurt you.
  33. Tip to pass through the scorpions, jump over them and go to the right side, and jump to go to the bricks.
  34. When you pass the scorpion find your way out, and enter to the next door.
  35. After you enter you will see the picture of Minotaur, and play the snake puzzle where you will just wait to appear the snake with red eyes and click them to open the next door.
  36. Here you will see Minotaur and he will give you Sacred Ring.
  37. Go out to the Temple and you will see that the statue of the Sphinx, go up to the Sphinx to get Pomegranates and when you get it use the rocks on the right side to go tree on the top of Sphinx.
  38. Now when you go down there is a dried flower near on the Sphinx, and the Sphinx will wake up and asks you to watered flower.
  39. Open the gates and use and push the woods gates, so when the water comes it will pass to the gates and watered the flower.
  40. Tip to water the flower go up to the aqueduct on the right on the top, first arrange the gate and then arrange the switches to get the water that is flowing.
  41. When the water flows, wait a second and the flower will glow and get The Sacred Item.
  42. When you get The Ring, The Flower and the Pomegranates go back to the main street and go back to the Grove of Temples.
  43. And all the way to your right side until you fall down to land to the Temple of Hades.
  44. Help the man having trouble with the paint on the temple, erase the paint by clicking the paint and hold the mouse to erase the paint.
  45. And he will give you a Darchma.
  46. Go inside the temple.
  47. When you get inside of Temple of Hades you see a door that look like a coffin use the pomegranates that you get to open the door.
  48. Now when you get to the cave jump going down to enter to the Underworld.
  49. After you jump down you will arrive at the River Styx.
  50. There is a boat were Charon is the driver of the boat and ask him to get through the other shoreline.
  51. But be careful, there are lots of alligator, a skull that full of fire and rocks that fall down.
  52. When reach to the coast, there is a dog that has three heads he is Cerberus that guard the place.
  53. Use the Pipe tune and the Reed Pipe and play a song to the dog to fall asleep.
  54. Get the whisker from Cerberus the Sacred Item when it falls asleep.
  55. Once you get the Whisker from Cerberus go back to the boat and go out to the river of Styx.
  56. After you get out of the temple you will see a mud and a platform that flow upward, use it to go to the next temple.
  57. When you get to the lace were there are fish statues go inside the temple and go to the right side were you can find a door with an anchor sign.
  58. Use the Starfish to open the door.
  59. And go inside and you see a beach, talk to the lifeguard and you will see a lady with a mirror that is Aphrodite.
  60. She will ask you if you know the names of the gods.
  61. When you answered correctly, she will give you her Touch Screen Mirror.
  62. Cross the sea and you will see a statue, on the side of the seahorse, jump there and look for the Giant Pearl.
  63. Tip to stay alive underwater grab every bubbles that you may see while searching for the Sacred Item Giant Pearl.
  64. Know after you get the Pearl, there is a cave on the left side, downward to the pearl go inside.
  65. In this cave you will meet Hydra.
  66. You have to beat her by jumping when she is about to attack you. Be careful because Hydra can attack you even you’re far from her.
  67. Know once you get Hydra’s Scale one of the Sacred Items you can use the Magic Mirror to go back to the Main Street.
  68. Defeating the Hydra in Mythology Island

  69. When you complete all the five Sacred Items go back on Tree of Immortality and Athena will guide you to tell the secret message.
  70. At this time the challenge is when Zeus arrived he will get the all the Sacred Items from you and Athena ask you to find Hercules to assist you.
  71. Know convince Hercules to help you, when you convince him use the mirror to go to the place of Cerberus, in the mirror the sign is the skull to go to Cerberus place and ask Hercules to push the big rock, to open the door.
  72. Now when the rock is gone go inside the door where you can find Hades.
  73. Talk to Hades if how can you defeat Zeus, and he will give you Hades’ Crown.
  74. Once you get the Crown, go out and while with Hercules go to the next destination, use the Magic Mirror and select the anchor sign.
  75. This place is where you get the Pearl, ask Hercules to push the stone to enter to the next destination.
  76. There is a Temple inside it, go there and you will see Poseidon and talk to him.
  77. After talking to him he will give you his Trident.
  78. Once you get out go with Hercules using the Magic Mirror to the Lighting Sign.
  79. Talk to Hercules and wait for a grasshopper to come, that makes Hercules sneeze.
  80. When the gates unlocked, go inside and you see a snake, be careful that is Medusa.
  81. She will make you become a stone.
  82. Now when you’re on your own, go head to the right side and you will see a man selling a bag, use the Drachma to buy one of the Bag of Wind.
  83. Use the Bag of Wind to get up, until you reach to the statue of Zeus.
  84. When you get to his temple walk around light four of his statue and wait for him to appear.
  85. The battles begin, use the Hades Crown and Poseidon’s Trident and defeat Zeus.
  86. Tip; avoid get near to him and his attacks, and attack him by shooting him with your Trident.
  87. To stay on the pink cloud, avoid his attack and collect pink clouds, remember when you run out of pink clouds you will fall.
  88. Another tip, this is not easy just be patient and don’t stop attacking him, and when he is performing circle gather pink clouds to stay on the air.
  89. And when he gave up, he will bring back the Sacred Items to you and Athena will give you the Island Medallion.
  90. Athena is actually the old lady at the Tree of Immortality. Congratulations! You just beat Mythology Island on Poptropica.