Reality TV Island

Reality TV Island

You will experience to be the famous survivor superstar on this reality TV game show, here only at Reality TV Island. So if you want to be the next big star…come and play this game now!

How to Be a Contestant

  • When you arrive on the island, go to the right. Find the TV World store. Enter the place; go up to third level till you see the large TV with three dollar sign. The guy on left side will tell you to try something else, so you changed the channel and you’ll see the advertisement for the Reality TV show to send the application of contestants on 123 Star Avenue Hollywood. Jump down and leave the place.
  • Go to the left. Enter Mike’s market. Go to the right in front of Fresh Donuts booth, you’ll see a guy standing in front of it that will drop a magazine, pick it up and you’ll have your Tabloid.
  • Examine the tabloid; you’ll see Bucky Lucas, a former contestant on the show. Click on next page, Tear out the official contestant application form. Leave the place after.
  • Head your way again to the left, till you see Wayside Motel’s office. Go inside and go to the right side, on the front desk, click on the pens align to the keys to get your Cheap pen.
  • Next, if you’ll examine your tabloid again, you’ll see a calling number for Pete’s pizza. So dial 555-PETE and order your small plain pizza. Make them deliver that on motel room 4B.
  • When you exit on the room, you’ll see a delivery girl. Talk to her and get the pizza, you’ll deliver the pizza upstairs on room 4B.
  • Enter the room and walk to the left. You’ll meet Bucky Lucas, who will give you the postage stamp you can use to mail your application.
  • Reality TV Island Application

  • Use the stamp, then click on the application form on your backpack then you’ll fill up the form. Your name and the reason you should be on Reality TV. Close the application, then exit to a door on the left with I love TV sign.
  • Go back all the way to the right, after TV World’s store you’ll get on the mailbox. Get your application on your backpack and drop the form.
  • Next day, you’ll be extremely happy because you have been selected as a contestant on the show. So go to the roof top of Motels Office, you’ll see the helicopter of Reality TV Island. Go inside the helicopter and start your journey in becoming a superstar.

Reality TV Island Helicopter

The Competition

There are seven days of challenges on the TV show. At the end of each day, someone gets voted off the show. If you are voted off, you lose and you’ll have to start over. If you win a challenge, you get immunity in that day’s vote and cannot be voted off. There are many different challenges you’ll face.

  • Totem Hop: You’ll need to be the last one standing, just click on the totem you want to jump. Be careful to be caught on dropping totem. For you to win in this challenge, you need to stay near the middle as much as you can, (center part will get you stuck if you jump on it) just jump on left or right when your totem starts to shake.
  • Boulder Push: You need to be the first player to push the boulder across the finish line. To do this, hold the mouse near the finish line and click rapidly.
  • Coconut Catch: You must be the first player to catch 20 coconuts. Look for the bunch of three.
  • Shuffleboard: You need to get to the center of the target. Just click and aim, use the long shoot (long arrow).
  • Shot Put: You need to throw the rock and make it the furthest. Just click when the aim is at its 45 degree angle and click again when the bar is in its full power.
  • Water Run: You need to be the first to fill the jug with full water from the waterfall and bring it back. Watch out for the boar and jump on the obstacles carefully on your way that might spill out your water.
  • Pole climb: Be the first on top while dodging on the falling coconuts. Stay on the middle two poles and click on right and left to avoid the falling coconuts easily.
  • Knockout: The contestant plate with the largest part left after opponents shooting portion for three rounds win. Pull in halfway to hit the first or lower row and farther back for the second or top row.
  • Balanced Diet: You need to balance your pole while food is added on it, when the brown dot (top of pole) moves or sway in any direction, move your cursor on its opposite.
  • Hang Glider: Using the glider, you’ll fly on air but must dodge on the birds and erupting volcanoes, so you need to stay near the top of screen to stay air bound.
  • Turtle Shell Toss: You must throw your coconut at a 45 degree angle to hit the 20 points turtle shell three times. Aim for the middle part of the palm tree on the background and keep this spot for all your throws.
  • Geyser Guess: This is just pure luck, you will never know which geyser will erupt. Geyser can erupt twice or even thrice. So choose the geyser your heart’s desire.
  • Mountain Race: First contestant on top wins. So better climb fast while avoiding the falling rocks. Jump on them or duck.
  • On the Line: You must catch 5 fishes. You must have a good timing in here, click as soon as your line comes close to fish’s mouth.

Whenever you win on every game, you have your immunity, but if you lose of course you’ll be a candidate to be voted off (remember the votes from the previous participants and vote for the contestant who have most of the votes). If you’re voted off for the first season you can go back to have the next season. There are different challenges on the above list but you’ll just play for seven. Make sure to stay until the seventh challenge.

So if you beat your final opponent here at the 7th day of challenge, you’ll get your Island Medallion. Congratulations…You are now a certified star survivor of this island!