Red Dragon Island

All of us want to travel anywhere in the world. So it will be great if we have our own time machine, you’ll go for so many places anytime you want, and less fare. Sounds awesome! Here at the Red Dragon Island, sure you can have it by means of the magic tree house, experience to travel now to Japan and enjoy every part of it.

Getting Started

  • When you arrive on the island, run to the right till you see a tire swing near a tree, after the mansion.
  • Click the tire swing wherein it says Enter. A white magic sparkle will fly passing the roof, then Annie and Jack will run to the tree house.
  • You’ll go to the tree, and will cut the rope to get the tire. Then bring along the tire with you to the left. Keep pushing the tire on the left till you find Jack’s eyeglass on the ground which is near the tree where the tree house is located.
  • Pick up the eyeglasses, then using the tire, jump on it to climb on the hanging ladder of the tree house.
  • When you enter the tree house, you’ll meet Jack and Annie. Get the eyeglasses on your backpack and give it to Jack.
  • Walk to the left and pick up the large blue book which is the Frog Creek Pennsylvania. Home Town USA book.
  • Next, you’ll talk with Annie and ask her how the tree house works, she’ll tell you first to get the pink book on her right which is the A Journey to old Japan. Pick up the book and use it and say the magic words “I wish we could go there”. Your wish will be granted. Hold tight for you’ll travel to ancient Japan.

Journey to Edo Japan

Red Dragon Island

  • The Magic tree house works like a traveling machine. It will move swiftly into the air and be amazed! You’re in Japan! Cool ride! You three will appear outside. Jack and Annie already wear their kimonos.
  • Jack will give you a Magic amulet which you can use to return to the magic tree house anytime. They will leave you now and tells you to find your kimono; but you’ll going to follow them to the left.
  • On your way, you’ll meet two samurai guards, when you click on them they will arrest you for having no passport. They’ll bring you on prison, and there’s no way out. But remember you have your magic amulet, so get it on your backpack and in split seconds you’re back on the magic tree house.
  • Leave the tree house and run to the left again. Go inside the Bonsai Trees shop which door is now open. You’ll meet a woman whom you can talk about kimono. Then she’ll go to the closet and will give you a kimono you want. Just choose what color you’ve like and wear it to experience wearing Japan national costume. After wearing it, you’ll find a passport on the pocket; I guess you’re not an illegal alien anymore.
  • Now that you look like a citizen and already have the passport, you can pass the guards. Go to the left to enter your next location.
  • When you arrive, you’ll see that Jack and Annie have been arrested by the samurai guards for they don’t have passport. You’ve got to rescue them, so it’s the time to show off some Ninja moves.
  • After you pass on the bridge, you’ll meet a man with a hat in front of a fresh seafood store. You’ll talk to him and he’ll tell you that you must caught a kappa using a rotten fish for you to go in.
  • Walk a bit left, and you’ll see the green rotten fish on the rock staircase, go up and pick it up. Then continue to go upstairs and enter the fortress.
  • You’ll meet a soldier wherein you’ll ask for the ninja master but unfortunately he doesn’t know. So you go to the right, when you’re underneath the dragon head statue hanging on wall, a piece of paper will be thrown away. That is a parchment. When you examine it, you’ll see a letter from Annie stating that you must find the Ninja master to rescue them because they are now captives of the Shogun kept on that place. Go down and leave the place. Then go all the way to the left till you find the Bag of Mortar. You’ll see a house if you continue to go left. Go inside.
  • You’ll meet an old man whom you’ll ask about the Ninja master, he’ll tell you that Ninja master Basho is just buying eggs in town.
  • Leave the place and run back to the right till you see a samurai guard with five people in a line, they are looking for the fish thief. You’ll offer him help. You’ll have a task wherein you will arrange the suspects in a correct order. First you’ll switch the position of the 5th lady and the 4th man with moustache without eyeglasses. Then exchange the position of that 4th woman to the 1st woman on the front line. Then place the 3rd man with moustache and eyeglasses on the fourth row, the man without eyeglasses will cry and you just solve the case.
  • The samurai guard will give you a betting slip on a sumo match as a return. Now go the right till you reach the bridge. Use your bag of mortar to help the people fix the bridge. You just need to put the crumble pieces on the bottom on the two walls of bridge. It is just like a jigsaw puzzle, pieces can be set aside on the background, then try the other pieces, they are correct if they glow and then will attach.
  • After fixing the bridge, a sumo wrestler will run and he will drop something.
  • Go ahead and pick it up, you now have your Bonsai scissors. Walk a bit right and go down the bridge.
  • You go to the left till you see a fisherman on a boat. Get your rotten fish on your backpack and you’ll have your second task, to catch the kappa.
  • The kappa fish is tricky so you have to block all possible passages of it so that he’ll enter the center hole where your net is positioned. Aim the bee hive to block the tree hole, light the camp fire and the lantern as well. Push the big rock to block also the other hole on the right, on the pond put the frog on the lily pads to block the kappa, when you started putting your rotten fish bait on the net. Give the kappa to the fisherman and return to the Bonsai Tree shop to the right.
  • You will use your bonsai scissors to trim one of the bonsai trees; it should match the picture accurately. The man enters the shop will buy that bonsai tree you trimmed and will give it to the sumo champion, Yokozuna. Exit the place and go to the left at the Sumo Arena (after fish market, continue to go left until you’re in the next zone then climb up the rock staircase). Go to upper left and enter the doorway.
  • Next, walk to the right and you’ll meet Yokozuna’s manager, you will help them copy the Kanji symbols on the cards for his fans. Once done, you go to right, talk to the sumo challenger to take his place because he is already frightened.
  • The champion will now jump to the ring, prepare for your fight. Yokozuna will try to push you out of the ring, you have to jump over him when he runs towards you and jump again when he stomps his foot. When you avoid all of these three times in a row, he will get mad and his face will turn red. He will charge at you, if you are near the ring side, you’ll need to jump making him fall out of the ring and you win.
  • The nearby soldiers who lost their money will come to you and will question you and ask for your passport. Then the old man in the lake house will come which is the real Ninja master, Basho. You’ll follow him on the lake house then you will now have your ninja training.

Red Dragon Island - Octopus

Ninja Training

  • First, you’ll have your ninja clothing. Get the customize card on your backpack.
  • Next, Basho will teach you how to use the SHUKO, which are the handheld claws that allows you to cling and jump from walls which are also attached on your hands at all times. After getting the red ribbon on the tree after the cherry blossom tree, you’ll move on the next task.
  • Since the shuko are always equipped, you can put additional tools from the menu at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Additional tools are the throwing stars and smoke bombs; use the space bar to throw them in the direction of your cursor. Another is the bo staff, if you tap the spacebar while standing you’ll create a defensive spin. But if you use it while running, you will leap in the air. The faster you run, the higher the vault. One more is the grapping hook, use it on any metal rings, just click the ring to start swinging, and then click again to release. Last is the ninja eye/vision which allows you to magnify a scene, works like a telescope (use the spacebar to activate this as well).
  • After mastering the ninja tools, you’re final training will be fixing the stone wall near Basho’s hut.

Rescuing Jack and Annie

  • Go back to the right until you reach the fortress where Jack and Annie being held, now go to the right and start climbing the stone wall using your shuko (claws). Avoid to be hit by the logs, instead jump over them to use them as a step near the top.
  • When you’re on top, you can use your ninja vision to check the surrounding and spot some enemies. Go down then use your smoke bombs on the Shogun soldier you’ll encounter. Then climb up the wall.
  • As you go through the chamber, use your ninja vision to check the place. You can throw your star on any lamp openings; use the smoke bombs to blind the guards and the grapping hook on metal rings to swing. You must get the key in each chamber to exit the door and must collect the three haiku verse to have the password for the third chamber. Always use your ninja vision to check the location of the stuff you must collect and to be prepared on the Shogun’s soldiers.
  • When you reach the shogun chamber, he’ll turn up for a fight because he got the key for Jack and Annie’s cage, but you can just throw up a star on the rope to make it fall on the floor and release them. The shogun will use the wand he gets from Jack and Annie, but only to release the fury of the red dragon. The dragon throws up fire; eventually the shogun will give you the wand to stop the dragon.
  • The wand will bring you to the Cloud dragon which is on top of Mount Fuji, so climb up the mountain and jump onto the blue Cloud dragon.

Red Dragon Island - Samurai

Final Dragon Battle (Cloud Dragon versus Red Dragon)

  • You have to fly the Cloud dragon behind the Red dragon that spews out fire to the buildings of the city. Use the water from the Cloud dragon to turn it off. You must get close to the Red dragon and hit its head with water if you can to weaken it. Also, you must turn the Red dragon completely red before it burns all up to the last building. This is the difficult level because of these two challenges: you have to fly on the clouds to refill your water and second is the red dragon dives out of your view making it harder to follow.
  • Fortunately, there is an easy mode you can try if you are not able to win on the difficult mode which removes the two challenges on the fight.
  • After you defeat the dragon, Shogun and Basho will be reunited, who both trained as samurai together. Shogun will be sorry for his terrible acts.
  • Use the magic amulet to return on the tree house, and then use the Frog Creek Pennsylvania. Home Town USA book, to return on the woods where the magic journey began. Just say the magic words, “I wish we could go there”.
  • Now the three of you are back on Frog Creek, PA. Annie will give you the island medallion.

Congratulations! You just beat Red Dragon Island on Poptropica!