S.O.S Island

In S.O.S. Island, you need to save the survivors of a sinking ship. Sounds silly? Seriously!

The island opened up to everyone on February 16, 2012 after a short early access period open to Poptropica members only. The full walkthrough will be here soon. Please be patient, as we’re playing it right now! In the meantime, you can watch these walkthrough videos from YouTube, created by Fierce Moon at PoptropicaSecrets.com.

Just a week after Poptropica released Ghost Story Island, Poptropica creators announced that it would soon open a new Island in the virtual world – named SOS Island. If you are familiar with the famous Titanic ship that crash the ice berg and sinks to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean hundred years ago? Well, it’s kinda similar from what the Island’s story is all about, because of the ice berg, ship sinking and Atlantic ocean stuff, but instead of having a love story between Rose and Jack (the main characters of the movie), you’re mission is to save all passengers aboard the shipwreck. Based on the screenshot, videos and sneak peeks about the game you should have some mini game puzzles in and out the ship and you need to be familiar of the places and the control rooms of the ship, manage your time and thinks wisely. And I think you could do that, bookmark this page and get back here once the island is released. Right now, there is limited information about the details. But you can find all screenshots and sneak peeks on the Poptropica.com Daily Pop and Sneak Peak.