Shark Tooth Island

If you are not on Shark tooth Island yet, you must go to the island first. Go to the Main Street, move to the right and talk to the person wearing white and blue. He will give you an item – a “Shark Fin”. Check your inventory and wear it, but please note that this is optional.

Shark Tooth Island

Shark Tooth Island

Now keep moving right until you meet a man wearing a pink flower necklace with a guitar. Talk to him, and he will give you an item – “Carbonated Coconut Milk”. Now keep moving right until you see a sign that says “Ancient Ruins”. Click on the sign to come to a grass road, move right again and you should be at the Ancient Ruins. (Remember that you can always check your Map if you’re not sure where you are.)

Professor Hammerhead’s Journal Page

At the Ancient Ruins, move all the way to the right until you see a movable square-shaped rock. Push it until you see a tree trunk next to you. Beware of the bouncing coconuts, as they will knock you over if bumped into!

Now jump onto the square rock, climb all the way up the hanging vine above. Land on the first wooden platform, then hop onto the next (the one above the first). From there, jump to the left with full force to land on the roof of the temple. If you’re not successful, just try again until you do.

Once on the temple’s roof, move around until you see a piece of paper on the surface. Pick it up and you should have acquired the “Translation Key” from Professor Hammerhead’s journal.

Temple Entrance

Now jump off the roof and go inside the temple. Stand on a small gray platform. Below you should move on the other platforms like the one you are stepping on. Jump down to the last and click on the bottom of the game screen to go deeper into the temple. You will end up on a small gray platform again.

On the left, there’s a gray platform that swings. When that swinging platform reached you, jump on it. At the end of the ride, jump onto another gray platform; and land onto another.

From your current position, move left and jump down to another small platform. From there, move right and jump down to the water. Swim left until you reach a stone block that you can’t go past. Be careful of the tiny purple bats; crashing onto them will knock you over. Move on to a floating wooden log nearby then transfer onto the stone block.

Into the water on the other side, swim all the way to the left until you can’t go any further. Jump on to a wooden log floating nearby. Hop on a gray platform above you. From there, transfer into a moving platform on the right. In the middle of the ride, quickly jump on to platform above you.

Now hop on to a swinging platform on your top. When you reached the most left, land on a stone surface with a green thing on the wall. Now click on the green thing, code-enterer will pop up. Use the symbols shown on the translation key to enter the code “OPEN”.

Once you enter the code, click on the triangle above. The lights will flash red for the wrong code but you can try again. Green lights on the other hand means, entering the right code. Now you can pass to the left.

Temple Dungeon

Turn left. You will appear in a tunnel. Go left again and you’re there in the Temple Dungeon. Jump onto the vine on the left. Climb all the way down the vine and plank into the water. Swim all the way to the left, where you will find a statue with a huge caterpillar crawling around it.

Climb up the statue until you reach the top. Beware of the caterpillar. It will knock you over if you bumped into it. Hop on to a swinging platform above. When it swings to the left, jump on another platform then transfer to the left of it. Jump down left of the sharp wall, and if there’s still a hole to jump through, continue jumping on that. If there isn’t, that means you’ve jumped all the way down.

Anyway, once you’re all the way down, keep moving left until you obtain an item – “Old Bone” – by walking over to the skeleton. Now go back to the right side, where you should jump onto the nearest wooden log in the water. Above you, there’s a long brown platform, jump on that.

On the long platform, move all the way to the right, then go back on top of the statue. Again, beware of the huge caterpillar! Hop on to the swinging platform. Go back to the spiky wall, but this time, stay there. Wait for a moving platform to come by, and quickly hop onto it. Wait until it goes all the way to the left, where you will see another spiny wall. Hop onto the top and go left.

Temple Treasure Room

You will appear in a tunnel. Go left again and you should be in the Temple Treasure Room. Jump onto the vine on the left. Climb all the way down the vine and land at the bottom. Run entirely to the left until you see a brown pot with some green stuff inside, on a stand. Leap over to it and grab it! You should have gotten an item – “Key Ingredient”.

Now climb up the vine on your left. When you reached the top; land on the surface on the left. Now go up. Jump up the 3 platforms and continue going up. You should now be back on Main Street.

The Medicine Man

Return to the Ancient Ruins. Once you’re there, move all the way to the right until you see the “Booga Bay” sign. Click it to reach a grass road, move right again and you should be there. You’ll meet a man with brown hair and a spotty mustache. Talk to him, and he will give you an item – “Grass Skirt”. Go to your inventory and wear the grass skirt.

For the second time, go back to the Ancient Ruins. Push the movable square rock next to the tree trunk. Now jump onto it then climb all the way up the dangling vine on top. Land on the first wooden platform, and from there, hop onto the second (the one above the first). Now reach the vine to your right. Climb it up again and jump onto the lower wooden platform with glass jugs on your left. From there, jump onto the top platform your currently standing on (which also has glass jugs), then climb up the vine to your left.

On the right of the vine with glass jugs on it, there’s a platform. Hop on to it. Climb up the vine on your right and jump onto the last platform, the one with Medicine Man on it. Speak to him, and he will make a potion for feeding the shark. Then you’ll get an item called “Calming Potion”. Now return to Booga Bay.

Feeding the Shark

From Booga Bay, go all the way to the right until you see a canon. Click on the wheel on the left side of the canon. Things on the game screen will look smaller, but the water and the cannon are still visible. Now click anywhere above the water. The cannon will now release the Calming potion and will automatically splash into the water.

Watch the shark eat the calming potion. Now you will be back in the normal view. The shark will be asleep forever and it is now safe to swim in the water.

The Reward

Now go to the right; you can swim safely through the water because the shark is asleep. After a bit of swimming you should be on some land with 2 coconut trees and a box marked “Fragile”. Go right and you will arrive on a Castaway Island. Run to the right and talk to the man wearing yellowish-brown clothes and a huge gray beard. Now run right again and talk to the boy with white shirt. Click on the boy so the two will follow you.

Slowly guide them back to Booga Bay, beyond the waters and the canon. There’s a woman wearing purple waiting by the Booga Bay. Talk to her, and she will thank you for saving the boy, her son. Then you’ll be rewarded with the “Island Medallion”; to be given by the man with huge beard. Congratulations! You can wear it by selecting the Island Medallion card in your inventory, and clicking on “Put On”. You’ll also be awarded 100 credits to spend at the Poptropica Store.