Shrink Ray Island

This quest proves size doesn’t matter as long as you have the good will. So begin using the below simple guidelines now and start your rescue for CJ, the famous science student of this island.

Getting Started:

  • When you arrived on the island, go to the right and enter the building celebrating the PS  101 River city Science fair.
  • Again, walk to the right and enter the double door with Science Fair sign.
  • When you’re inside, continue to go to right passing all exhibits. At the last exhibit after, Evolution of Belly Button, talk to the guy with moustache. He is Mr. Silva, the science teacher who is worried on his missing student, CJ.
  • At the right side, you can see CJ’s parents, talk to them and his dad will tell you to go to their apartment at Avenue A.
  • Leave the school and head your way to the right and enter the Avenue A zone.

CJ’s Apartment

  • Continue to go to right and enter CJ’s apartment, the one with orange cat outside.
  • Enter the apartment and the orange cat will now follow you; chase the cat from room to room until it leaves the bathroom.
  • Walk to the left side and enter CJ’s room. Click on the microscope on his desk and you’ll see a note from CJ.
  • A masked man will appear; you’ll run to the left but still will be cornered. He will shoot you with a shrink gun and you’ll be on a miniature size.
  • And now that you’ve shrunk down, you need to find out on how to get back on your normal size. Also you need to find the thief and rescue CJ.
  • Next thing you’ll do is run to the left, jump on the shelves and jump on top of the fan to make it lower. Turn it on using the red button to blow away all the dust under the bed to reveal the thumb drive.
  • Turn off the fan before getting the thumb drive. Run to the right past the living room to the kitchen.


Kitchen at CJ’s Apartment

  • You need to get the remote control on top of the refrigerator, but before you could do that you need to take lot of steps since you are very small now.
  • When you arrive on the kitchen, jump on the open shelves above the green and yellow sponge. Get the screw driver.
  • Next, you’ll need to get the note on the table.
  • Jump on the higher part to get onto the counter. Walk to the right and push the rolling pin to get the teapot on the other side of the burner.
  • Next, go the right side and use the steam coming from the teapot to lift you on the shelf with flour and sugar.
  • There’s a bottle of oil too which you need to push to lie the bottle down and starts the oil from dripping out.
  • Jump off to the floor and push the cat’s food bowl under the dripping oil.
  • Next, jump on the counter and jump up and down on the cat’s food bag 4-5 times to make the food fall out.
  • The cat’s food and oil will combine and now you have a stepping stool to get on the top of the table.
  • Jump down again and push this cat’s food bowl underneath the table and jump on it to reach the top and get the piece of paper.
  • Next get the one piece of grape to be used on your next task.
  •  Go down the table and run to the left, jump on the counter and go to the toaster.
  • Click on the plug to plug it on the socket then while holding the grape jump on the toaster handle and stand there for few seconds.
  • When the toaster gets hot the handle will pop up. This will make you fly up in the air and land on the shelf with spatula and salt shaker.
  • Push the salt shaker on the left end side of the spatula then jump on the cup then on the right end of the spatula. You need to stand there until the salt shaker landed on the left end.
  • This will make you fly up again on the other side that will make you reach the remote control on the top of the refrigerator.
  • On the floor, go to the right and push the sponge next to the Power Clean spray bottle.
  • Jump on the sponge then to the bottle to enter the garbage bin.
  • When you get inside you need to solve the puzzle by moving objects to get the Torn Page.
  • At the entrance push the tuna treats can, then jump off and pull the block of cheese to the left this will make two cans fall.
  • Next, jump up to the right and push the can of milk to the right and jump on top of it.
  • On the left above shelf, push the cheese on the right and walk over it to pull the can of tuna on the left.
  • You need to jump on the above shelf again with the can of tuna, push it on the left to make that can of tuna fall.
  • Now run to the right, jump on the can to reach the above shelf and jump to the right. Pull the can of tuna to the left and jump over it to reach the torn page.
  • To leave the place, just click on the restart button on the lower left.

























Living Room at CJ’s Apartment

  • Run to the left until you reached the living room.
  • You need to get the Diary key of CJ’s on the aquarium but you need to distract the fishes first.
  • Run over the toy truck and use your screw driver to get out the battery inside the toy.
  • Jump on the table top, go to the left and use the battery on the remote control and turn on the TV by jumping on the green button.
  • Next, jump on the TV antenna to create static electricity charge. When you see white sparkles all over you, jump on the green balloon on the left.
  • The static will attach you to the balloon and will make you float up to the left.
  • You will land on Poshville Boardwalk picture on the wall.
  • Jump off to the left on the shelf where the fish food was located. Push it to the left until it tips over and the food drops off on the fish tank.
  • When fishes started eating the food, jump off the water and take the key.
  • Get out on the fish tank and move to CJ’s bedroom.










CJ’s Bedroom

  • Go to CJ’s desk. Put the thumb drive on the computer. Enter the password, m4r13 cur13. Marie Curie is CJ’s hero and you should replace the i’s with 1′s, the a with a 4 and the e’s with 3′s.
  • After entering the correct password, blueprints for the shrink ray gun will be uploaded.
  • Jump up to the shelf with the Rubik’s cube and unlock CJ’s diary using the Diary key on your back pack. Get the torn page as well and attach this to the ripped part of the diary to complete the message from CJ.
  • Next, jump on the thermostat and spin it to red to turn on the heat.
  • Jump down onto the desk and use the piece of paper under the lamp at the back of the microscope.
  • Now, jump up and down onto the lamp to bring it closer down to the piece of paper.
  • When it won’t go down anymore, turn the switch on. The light will reveal the secret message from CJ that was written on the piece of paper. Look for me in the telescope. School coordinates.
  • Go to the left to enter the next zone for the other section of the bedroom.
  • Knock over the garbage bin and a bunch of paper will come out and then will float on the air because of the heat coming up from the vent.
  • Use the paper as platforms to reach the top of bed to get the morse code key.
  • Move to the left. Run past the fan and jump over on the telescope.
  • Spin the dials with the following coordinates posted on the bulletinboard: X-87 and Y-16.
  • When you’re ready, click on the telescope. You’ll see CJ inside the classroom at PS 101.
  • You will receive message from her using the morse code, click each letter to see the full message which is: Flush the thumb drive.
  • Leave the bedroom and run all the way to the right to the bathroom.












Bathroom at CJ’s Apartment

  • You need to flush the thumb drive on the toilet but before you could do that, you need to pass on the bathtub.
  • Head your way to the left and jump up on the drawer handles to reach the counter top.
  • Then continue to move on the left till you get on the hair dryer. Jump over it until it tips up and turn it on by clicking on the red button.
  • Use the hot steam from it to leap up in the air. You’ll land on the shower curtain rods entering the next zone or the other part of the bathroom.
  • Jump down on the soap dish and push the bar of soap to the right and then jump down on the tub below.
  • Climb up onto the rope then spin the faucet handle by running over it. This will turn the water on and will start filling the tub.
  • Swim over to the floating bar of soap and then jump next onto the rubber duck.
  • Hop on the left end side of the tub and then onto the red plunger and last on the stack of toilet paper.
  • Jump over the toilet bowl.
  • Get the thumb drive on your back pack and drop it inside the toilet bowl.
  • Lastly, jump over the flush to send the thumb on its way and then leave the bathroom area.








Final Task

  • You need to get out of the apartment despite of your size and rescue CJ.
  • First you need to run all the way to the left and get inside CJ’s bedroom.
  • You need to get onto the telescope again and spin the same coordinates, X-87 and Y-16. Take a peek on the telescope to receive another message from CJ which is Thief is Mr. Silva.
  • Now head your way back to the right to the living room.
  • Jump up on the top table to get the battery on the remote control and put it back on the toy car below.
  • Drive the toy truck to the left to CJ’s bedroom. The books on floor will be a hindrance on your way, so you need to get out of the toy truck and jump up onto the shelf and on top push down to the left the book of Tess’s Treeby Jess M. Brailler.
  • This will land on the books and will form a ramp so that your toy truck can go over.
  • Hop down and drive again the truck over the ramp. You’ll see your truck fly up breaking through the glass window out into the street.





Rescuing CJ at PS 101

  • When you reach the street, you’ll need to drive the truck dodging different obstacles. This is a mini-game that will last for a minute.
  • You’ll end on the window of Mr. Silva’s office.
  • Run to the left and you’ll meet CJ.
  • Mr. Silva will show up and will try to shrink you into nothingness. So you need to dodge on the ray gun because if you don’t you need to start over.
  • Jump down and run to the left. You need to hide behind the objects when the shrink ray gun appears so that it will shrink the objects instead of you.
  • When you get on the golden quartz sample and Mr. Silva shrinks it, quickly jump on the yearbook and jump over onto the top table on right. Hide behind the telescope and then next to the globe.
  • The globe will fall off onto the floor after it was shrunk.
  • You need to jump down also and hide on the books near the globe.
  • When he shrinks the books, swiftly push the globe under the chair.
  • Jump over it to reach the chair and then leap again to get on his desk.
  • Now, hide behind the apple and lunchbox and wait for him again to shrink them.
  • Right after that, run quickly to the right and hide behind on the mirror.
  • When Mr. Silva shoot the gun on you, the shrink ray will reflects off the mirror and hits him. He shrinks himself instead making him fall into the ant farm jar. Now he is trapped!
  • Jump down on the floor where CJ is waiting near the shrink ray gun. CJ will tell you to flip the switch, so walk over the gun and click the switch and you’ll both return to your normal size.
  • You’ll be back at the science fair standing in front of CJ’s exhibit, The Incredible Shrunken Man with her parents on right.
  • Finally CJ will rejoice for being famous and will thank you and for that you’ll receive the Island Medallion.

















Mission Accomplished!