Skullduggery Island

Pirates dwell in this island adventure on Poptropica. The poor citizens of Fort Ridley are in dire need of your help to defeat the dangerous Captain Crawfish, a notorious pirate who is looting and pillaging the town. Skullduggery is an epic adventure on the high seas. You get your own ship and gather your crew…and do some treasure hunting! So let’s start sailing aboard now to get all the cheats for Skullduggery Island.

Skullduggery Island Cheats

Adventuring on Skullduggery Island

Helping the island people of Fort Ridley

  • When you arrive on the island, you’ll be on Fort Ridley the center island on the archipelago.  You’ll need to help people who live in this island whose very furious to Captain Crawfish for making them live in poverty because of his dreadful acts.
  •  Run all the way to the right, on the bridge you’ll meet a woman saying that she should save the coin after making her wish. So jump below the bridge and swim to the water on the left side. You’ll find Doubloon, the currency being used on High seas.
  • Once done, go back to the right until you get on a rock hill. Jump up and move to the right till you get on Governor Roland’s mansion. Enter the place and go to the left to and you’ll meet the governor and his assistant  giving you more information about the island great treasure, but  unfortunately you cannot read some part of the letter from the late Governor Ridley.
  • Now go back to the left until you reach Stinky Tim’s general store. You have to use your Doubloon to buy Bag of Feed and also when you go to the right you’ll see a broken mirror which will be given to you by the woman on the store.
  • Next, go again to the left until you meet the man with his chickens. You need to feed his chickens using your Bag of Feed and you’ll get one of his chickens on return.
  • After feeding the chicken, go back to the right, again after the bridge you’ll meet the farmer complaining the pests eating his crops.  Give him the chicken on your backpack and he’ll give you a Blue candle.
  • After you received the blue candle, go back to the governor’s mansion, then use the blue candle, for its light will reveal the invincible ink of the governor’s letter. As stated on the letter you need to collect the five parts of the map and defeat Captain Crew.
  • Now on the right side of the mansion, there is a lady on below near the beach stating her need of your help for his missing merchant husband. (Not necessarily need to check her out to complete this mission but you’ll need his husband raft to use for your exploration).
  • Head your ways back to the left till you get on the watch tower near the port wherein there is a soldier standing on it. Go up and you’ll find a telescope, use your broken mirror and wait till you see a raft sailing on sea.
  • You need to click on the broken mirror, its light then will give signal to the raft and hooray the raft is now coming your way.
  • The owner of the raft is the woman missing merchant husband; he’ll give you the raft for helping him find his way home and wife.  Helpful tips will be given as well.
  • Now go to the raft, this will be your ship now. Click on the two gentlemen to embark making them your official crew and click on the cabin of the raft to start sailing.

Collecting the Map Pieces

Bouffant bay

Bouffant Bay in Skullduggery Island

Welcome to lovely Bouffant Bay.

  • We’ll go first on the upper right corner of the map; we’ll go to Bouffant bay. Be careful on the other pirate ships that will attack you. Also, pass on some salvage ship you might see on your sailing to get more doubloons and other stuff you need. Just click on the dock of each island and arrive in port.
  •  Go up, till you see the island name, then go to the right you’ll meet a pirate stating that the hidden map is on 312 Hanging fern way.
  • Go to the right again, better to do some trading on each trading post you see on each island.
  • After trading, go to the right till you see three hanging ferns. You need to jump on the ferns from 3-1-2. Then a map piece will fall. Pick it up and make your way back to the port and start sailing again. (hire Cargo Master: you can find him on Willard’s warehouse, with him you can carry 50% of cargo but make sure you have enough doubloons to do that)

Parrot Port

  • Next island you’ll see on south of Bouffant Bay. Go to the right till you see Petey’s pirate pub. You need to get the Cracker that is located on the upper left corner, near the barrel of root beer.
  •  Leave the place and go to the left near the trading post, you’ll see a red parrot standing on the three barrels. Polly the parrot will tell you to jump on the sea and come back to her.
  • You’ll find her on the roof of a building near Petey’s pirate pub. She wants you to clog the vent, so go to Petey’s roof; you’ll find a chimney there. Stand over the chimney to clog the vent and go to the right to find the parrot on top of a palm tree.  She’ll tell you to find the pirate she know which is on the old tower.
  • Go back to the left, at the old tower near the port. Go up to see the pirate, he’ll tell you that if you can bring the parrot back you’ll receive a reward.
  • So use the cracker to attract the parrot and make her back to the tower. The pirate will give you the map piece then. (hire navigator: you can find him on Petey’s pirate pub, again just hire her when you have enough doubloons to speed up your ship)

Golden Harbor

Golden Harbor in Skullduggery Island

Arriving at Golden Harbor in Skullduggery Island

  • Next Island you’ll see on the lower right corner of the map. You’ll see people dress up Arabic, the man is complaining about the lamps, so you need to fix this. You need to light the fourth lamp which is on the next building after the trading post, second lamp which is on the top left side near the window of the trading post, and the first one which is near the lady on port. The map will appear on the open arch door on the right side of the trading post. Jump to grab the third map piece.
  • You can get a loan while you’re here; go to the right to see the Golden Harbor bank. Enter the bank, go to the left and go up. You’ll meet the lady loan officer who will give your loan.


Pirate outpost

  • The next Island you’ll embark to is the Pirate Outpost, which is on the west of Golden Harbor. This place is dark and scary.
  • Go to the left, climb up the giant skull till you reach the Corsair Cannonry, at the roof top, jump on left to see the flag with skull wherein you can find the Cannon starter kit.
  • Then jump below and look for the barrel of dangerous explosives, push it into the water below.
  • Jump on the water and push the barrel to the right until the barrel is underneath the golden tooth of the giant skull.
  • Go back to the left and use your cannon starter kit on the cannon, the cannonball will hit the barrel of explosives making the giant skull cave shake that will make the golden tooth fall, revealing the hidden map piece. (hire Cannoneer: you can find him on the Corsair Cannonry cabin)


Dragon Cove

Ship Shape in Skullduggery Island

Visiting the ship builder in Dragon Cove on Skullduggery Island

  • Last Island for the last piece of map. When you arrive on this island, jump on the water below the trading post.
  • Jump over the dragon head statue to get the mallet. Then jump on the right, you’ll see the fisherman. You need to push him on the right corner near the barrel.
  • Then use you mallet to ring the bell, this will make the fishes jump off the water and will make the fisherman caught a fish. The last map piece is on the fish mouth which the fisherman will give to you as a reward for helping him. Now you completed the map of Skullduggery. (hire shipwright: you can find him on the on the next building after the trading post, he can make repairs on your ship while at sea)


Battle with Captain Crawfish

In order to defeat Captain Crawfish, you’ll need to have the largest class of ship which is the Phoenix Warbird and the skilled crew specially the cannoneer. For you to buy a larger ship you must have enough doubloons. The best way to collect money is to do some trading repeatedly in a clockwise direction from port to port. Tips on first trading, also look for the prices as they may vary. Keep on buying cheap stuff and sell the expensive.

  • Bouffant bay:  Sell silk and buy medicine
  • Parrot port: Sell medicine and buy spice or silk
  • Golden Harbor: Sell spice or silk and buy grain
  • Pirate outpost: Sell grain and buy spice
  • Dragon cove: Sell spice and buy silk.

Next you hire your 1st crew, the cargo master on Willard’s warehouse on Bouffant bay.  This will allow you to carry more cargo and just keep on trading and upgrade your ship from the ship merchant in Dragon cove (you’ll find him at the next building after the trading post on the right side of ship shape). Next crew to hire is the navigator on Petey’s pirate pub on Parrot port, the cannoneer on the Pirate outpost, and the skilled shipwright on Dragon cove.

When you’re ready for the battle, head down on the left corner of the map to fight with Captain Crawfish. This will be easy if you have the largest ship and your full crew. After you defeated him, go back to Fort Ridley to show the map to the governor. He will give you the treasure map and will show you the location of the treasure and the bone shovel you’ll need to unbury the treasure.

Go to the island; dig six paces on the east of the flag which is also near the coconut tree. After you unbury the treasure, you will be surprised by Captain Crawfish presence with his crew and his spy who is the governor assistant.

Oops, there will be no fight between you and Crawfish, because your crew will fire them with your ship cannon making their ship sink, leaving Captain Crawfish on that island.

Now it’s time for you to return the treasure on the governor on Fort Ridley. The governor will give you the island medallion, your reward for this expedition.

Island Mission Accomplished!!!!!