Super Power Island

Super Power Island is a cool place in POPTROPICA where you can play and dress up as a superhero whose mission is to capture and bring all six super villains behind bars. Being a superhero is a big challenge and responsibility, that’s why you’ll need to have these tips and cheats for Super Power Island to able to complete this mission.

Super Power Island

  • Go to Super Power Island. When you arrive, walk to the right and enter the COMIC SHOP.
  • Keep walking on right until you meet the blonde geek with face full of pimples and wears black-rim glasses. His name is Ned Noodlehead.
  • You need to ask him if he has anything other than comic books (just click this guy and choose the question that will pop).
    He’ll give you the SUPERHERO’S HANDBOOK that he wrote where you can also check on your inventory right after.
  • Leave the comic shop and go to the right for the next store, the MASKS AND CAPES SHOP.
  • Go inside, at the left side you’ll meet the guy handling scissors. He’ll give you the SUPERHERO ID CARD which identifies you as a super hero and records the number of super villains you have defeated.
  • After receiving your SUPERHERO ID, go to the right side where you’ll find a row of mannequins with different SUPERHERO costumes. Click on the costume, you can mix and match on these stuffs to make a cool and unique one that fits your heroic taste.
  • After dressing up, leave the shop and walk to the left. Cross the water and you’ll arrive on the next island wherein you can find the County Prison with a cute astronaut on the top of green meteorite on its side.
  • The first guard you’ll meet will tell you that you are clear to go, the next guard with gray hair and moustache is the prison warden. You need to talk to him about the escaped criminals, and he’ll give you the SUPER VILLAIN FILES. These files contain the information of the six super villains you’ll need to capture.
  • Next, you’ll need to talk to the lady in white gown lab coat with eyeglasses to claim the anti-power handcuffs designed for the super villains.
  • After collecting the stuffs you’ll need for your mission, it’s time to show off your superhero moves!
  • Go back all the way to the right until you see the DOWNTOWN sign, you’ll get on the next room but keep going on right side until you arrive on the Main Street(you can check the map on the upper right corner of the screen to check the whole map for Super Power Island).
  • Talk to the policemen outside the bank and they’ll tell you that COPY CAT, the first super villain you’ll encounter, is inside.


  • Enter the bank and walk to the left which you’ll pass the broken vase and scattered green monies, COPY CAT is just standing next to the wrecked vault door.
  • She will dropped a smoke grenade on the floor then will make ten copies of herself and will run to the right and hide all those copies on the different spots of the bank.
  • You need to capture all these copies within one minute before the place gets smoky and blurry.
  • You just need to walk over these copies to make them go poof and disappear. There are five copies on the ground floor, three of them can be viewed easily, but the two are hiding on the chandeliers so you have to jump on the two plant vases on each side to get them fast.
  • Next, you’ll need to use the elevator on the right side to get to the upper level. Just press the button with arrow up sign near the trash can. Move inside the elevator and make sure to get all remaining five copies quickly.
  • After you catch the last copy, a newspaper will pop-up from THE DAILY PAPER announcing her capture. You’ll be sent back to County Prison but this time you’ll see COPY CAT securely behind bars. Check out your SUPERHERO ID in your inventory to see the sticker in your villains defeated section, sign of your first battle achievement. Yeah…five more to go!


  • Return to Main Street and go to the right until you see the Subway sign. Go down on the stepladders to lead you on the Subway Station. The police officers will thank you for arriving because they do not have a match on SPEEDING SPIKE.
  • Go inside the train and walk to the right to meet SPEEDING SPIKE who handles a bag of money which he will use to hit you when you try to capture him.
  • Always avoid his smash by jumping over him. He’ll keep moving on the different train cars.
  • When you miss all his attempts he’ll get tired and will just sit down on the floor. That means you already defeated him, so put over the handcuffs and bring him back to COUNTY PRISON. (Another way to get him exhausted quickly is to make your way to drag him to the left and make him slide on the wet floor which might happen to you earlier).


  • Go back to the Subway Station and pass the stepladders to arrive to City Park. Go to the right to see Sir Rebral standing on the broken statue.
  • He will use his mind power to control and make the stones fly up from the ground. You need to avoid these stones that will continuously follow you.
  • You need to get yourself on the other side of Sir Rebral and use his own power to hit himself by the stone he’s controlling. He’ll get angry and will make some parts of the ground pops.
  • When that happens, you’ll need to find the gray rock that you can push (behind Sir Rebral side). Drive this rock on the top side of the popping ground that was parallel on Sir Rebral to hit him when it flies up to the air. When he got knocked down, capture him using your anti-power handcuffs and send him to prison.



You need to return to City Park and go the public washroom. Find the hole to one of the toilets which will be your way down to get to the Sewers Room. Move to the left and look for the brown wheel.

  • Click on this wheel while standing on the platform. This will make the water drain and will make you move downwards. When it stops, swim to the right. After passing the third floating platform, you’ll need to jump over the elevated wall and you’ll need to look for another brown wheel. This will make the water rise halfway.
  • Go back to the first floating platform on the left side until you see the last brown wheel you need to turn. The water will rise once more.
  • Again, move to the left until you get to a door that you can enter. Move inside and you’ll see Ratman standing on the top left sewer.
  • You need to get on the upper right corner of the sewers to look for the red wheel you need to turn as well.
  • While moving upward, you need to move fast and avoid those nasty rats. (Jump on the sewers when the rats go on opposite direction).
  • When you reached the red wheel, quickly turn it so that water will sprinkle over Ratman, making all rats disappear.
  • When this happen, you need to get on Ratman’s location very fast but be aware on the flies that willYou’ll get stung on those, but in order to get rid of them, make sure to capture Ratman using your handcuffs and send him back to prison. (You can use the fly’s sting to reach Ratman’s location. Get stung and try to jump fast on the sewer below Ratman, then jump again to reach his place.)


  • Head back to City Park. Go all the way to the right until you arrive on the place with The Junkyard sign. Go inside to see Crusher who’s standing on the top of a pile of junk.
  • To defeat Crusher, you’ll need to get to the crane and use this to win over him.
  • First thing to do is go to the right and hop on the oil barrels until you get on the top, then jump again on the next barrel on the left and hop again very quick to Crusher’s location.
  • Run fast on the left side where the yellow crane is located. Go up, make sure you’ll always on middle to avoid fall off when he stomps. When you reach the operating cab on top of the crane, click it. The magnetic control lever will pop; you need to drag this downward, from the green button to the red one.
  • The crane will release the refrigerator which will fall on Crusher’s head that will make him more furious. He will lift the refrigerator and will throw on your location, whacking you back down.
  • You need to get on the crane’s location once more but you need to pass on Crusher again. Do your first thing while dodging the empty oil barrels that Crusher throws up.
  • When you successfully get back on the operating cab of the crane, click and drag again the magnetic control level upward.
  • The magnet of the crane will now pick up Crusher and will press him until he gets flat like a flying saucer.
  • You can now go down and put the handcuffs to bring him safely back to detention.


  • From the County Prison, go all the way to the right and you’ll see the phone ringing on the telephone booth.
  • Answer the call and you’ll received a super flying power. Just click on the blue flight icon on the bottom left corner to fly up, up and away.
  • Return to Main Street. Go to the next building after the bank which is the Skyscraper (check out your map). If you try to walk, you’ll see the police officer outside the building, complimenting your fantastic flying moves.
  • Align to the first door with yellow police lines; go upward until you get on the top door with balcony.
  • You’ll be prompted a GO UP sign, again move upward until you meet Betty Jetty on the top of antenna. She’ll fly upward and you need to chase her.
  • She will taunt you and will fire green energy balls. You must avoid those (you can move off-screen to do that), and if you miss one you’ll get a distance closer and closer to her until its close enough to catch her.(If she hits you five times with the energy balls, you’ll go downward and will need to go up again to repeat chasing her.)
  • When you are able to catch her, she will fall on the Skyscraper building and will sneer at you again. But your friendly sidekick, Ned Noodlehead will appear to knock her down. Now it’s time for you to put the handcuffs and bring her safely on jail.


  • Talk to the prison warden, he will tell you that the island medallion was given to Ned Noodlehead. Ned will give it to you but you need to do some trading. So go back first to the City Park and buy a hotdog. Talk to the vendor and he’ll give you the scrumptious hotdog you’ll use for trading. Next, go back to Comic Shop and talk to Ned. He’ll say that he’s too happy being a hero and can just have a hotdog in return. So go on and offer the yummy hotdog you have and claim the island medallion.
  • Island Mission Accomplished!!!

If you still have time, try to visit the old super hero at the top of The Daily Paper building. He will tell you that “Remember that great power comes great responsibility”. The line is familiar isn’t? it?

Super Power Island - Old Hero

Also remember that good heart intentions always win, so don’t you ever give up on any challenges and hindrances that may come your way.