Twisted Thicket Island

Poptropica Twisted Thicket Island will be the 26th island quest in the game when it is released. There’s no word yet on when that will be, but the name was revealed on the official Poptropica blog on March 14. Twisted Thicket takes place inside a magical forest with many fascinating creatures of fable. Some are cute and friendly, but others are dark, mysterious and possibly very evil. Once the island is released to paid members, we’ll have the complete walkthrough for Twisted Thicket here on the site, packed with all the Twisted Thicket cheats and help.

The creators posted a short teaser trailer for the new island to YouTube and here it is:

Twisted Thicket Island Previews

If you are a regular viewer of the Sneak Peeks section on Daily Pop then you’ve probably seen many of the screenshots and previews that have appeared over the past few weeks. They reveal that the new island has a Scandinavian theme. One of the mystical creatures inside the forest is the Nøkken, which is a legendary and tricky Norwegian beast that dwells near rivers. Elsewhere, we’ve seen screenshots of a building called Björn’s Smörgåsbord, which is a restaurant somewhere on the island.

Twisted Thicket Island - Smorgasbord

Mmmm. Tasty treats in Twisted Thicket Island.

Twisted Thicket Island - Toadstool Throne

A toadstool throne fit for a princess on Twisted Thicket Island