Wild West Island

Welcome to the Wild West in Poptropica. In Wild West Island, you become the Marshal and your job is to save the towns in the area from the notorious bandit, El Mustachio Grande. He and his gang are planning a bank robbery and you’ve got to stop it. Read on for the full walkthrough and all the cheats for Wild West Island in Poptropica.

Dusty Gulch

Wild West Island - Dusty Gulch

  • When you get at Dusty Gulch, first run to the right until you reach Rusty’s Ranch. Then you will see a boy having trouble with his horse. Help him train the horse.
  • BUCKIN’ BRONCO – to finish this game you must stay at the top of the horse for few seconds. Maintain your balance by following the white cursor from side to side.
  • Get the Horse Whistle and ride the horse by simply clicking his body.
  • Go back where you started and talk to the lady riding a horse. Take the letter and find Marshal Taylor in Diamond Plains.
  • Turn left and leave the town.
  • Click the map located at the right upper corner. Go to the right to reach Diamond Plains. Click the yellow badge to enter the place.
  • Move to the right and enter at Marshal’s office. Talk to the officer. The officer will tell you that Marshal is not there so check out the Saloon. Proceed to the right and go to the next area.
  • Enter the Saloon and go to the right. Talk with the two guys. Play with them to know where Marshal is.
  • SPIT-N-TIME – in this game you need to aim the gum in the bucket. Hold the mouse to gain more power when you spit. You must shoot more to defeat your opponent.
  • After winning the game wake Marshal and read the letter to him. Marshal will give you his badge. Now that you’re already the Marshal, go back to Dusty Gulch to take a picture.
  • Head to the guy at the photo booth and get your free picture.
  • STEADY HANDS – make your hands still so that you’ll get a good picture.
  • After taking the picture go back to Diamond Plains and enter the Marshal’s office.
  • Click your backpack to get your portrait and click use button. Your portrait will now appear and replaced the old portrait. When the officer acknowledges you as the new Marshal he will give you the pea shooter.
  • While taking the gun a jailbreak will occur. Mustachio’s and his gang strikes again! It’s your duty now to chase them.
  • Chase Mustachios and his gang but they’ll get away in a train tunnel. For the moment go to the next town.

Dos Cactos and Rock Ridge

  • Click your map and go to Dos Cactos and Rock Ridge.
  • First get into the action. Join the shooting contest.
  • SHOOTING CONTEST – in this game you need to shoot the targets (shoot as many as you can), reload and beat them all. When the time expires the player with the most points wins the game.
  • After winning the contest, they will give you a spud gun. Next climb up into the stones and at the top you’ll find a Casino. Get inside. Climb upstairs and play Slap-Jack.
  • Slap-Jack – the game is so simple. You take turns playing cards on the center of the pile. When a jack appear, slap the pile. The first player who hit the jack wins the pile. So win the game by getting all the cards. If you win, the guy will give you the map to gold.
  • Move out to Casino and go right and you will meet an orange head guy and he will ask you to find the Rare Blue Tulip to cure him.
  • Then leave the town and head to the south east Rock Ridge. As you enter the town, talk to the cowboy and help him to get his calf back. Then he will give you a Lasso. Catch the calf using the lasso by pressing the space bar.
  • Leave the town. When you are already at the map view, follow the horseshoe marks. Later on you will see a calf. Chase the calf and press the space bar to use the lasso.
  • Aim for the calf and press it again to release the lasso and catch the calf. When you already catch the calf drag him to the ranch that can be found in the map view. Click your map to locate the ranch.
  • As you finish the task go back to the cowboy to claim your reward. Take the old saddle as your reward for catching the calf. The cowboy will ask you to do another favor for him. Get his five cows back that have wandered off.
  • Head to the right and you will see a guy selling elixirs and magnificent mixtures. You will see a customer buying a potion, and when he drinks the potion. The guy became invincible.
  • Continue heading to your right, talk to the standing in front of the bank saying that El Mustachio is on his way to rob the bank. He wants you to catch him first. Then leave the town.
  • Wild West Island - Bank Robbed

  • Outside the town. Find the five cows in map view. Catch the cows and bring them back in the ranch like what you did with the calf. Then go back to the cowboy and get your reward. After doing the favor he will give you a Rattlesnake Wrangler costume.
  • After getting the reward go back where you started, at the Dusty Gulch.

Return to Dusty Gulch

  • When you arrived in Dusty Gulch, go to the right and stops at the Trading Post. As you can see the arrow climb up to the top to make some trade.
  • Trade the old saddle and take the gold pan. Next leave the town and try to hunt some gold.
  • Get into the east part of the map. The treasure map will lead you to the spot where you can find gold.
  • All you have to do is find spots that are sparkling and that will give you a higher chance of getting a gold nugget. Fill your pan with dirt by clicking on that area. Move your pan back and forth to separate the gold from the dirt.
  • When you find a gold nugget get back to the trading post at Dusty Gulch.
  • Trade the gold pan for oil can. After getting the pan, proceed to Diamond Plains. Head to the right and climb the clock tower. You will find a guy and get inside the clock tower.
  • Strive your way in as you get inside the tower. You must push some boxes, click on the ropes to drop red iron girder as your way to get into the clock. When you reached the gears. Use the can oil to lubricate the gears. Clean all the gears in the middle.
  • Apply the oil in each gear until it becomes glittery. Click the Turn Gears button to activate the clock. Next get out using the exit located below the gears. Then proceed to the train station by running into the right.
  • Afterwards you will see a train and an officer informing you that you must go aboard before 3 o’clock. Before a boarding the train get back to R.J. Earl’s in Rock Ridge first to make some trade. As you get in there, trade your gold nugget to get a Transparency Tonic.
  • After the trade return to Diamond Plains and aboard the train.
  • TRAIN ROBBERY – in this game you must shoot the bandits and scare them off. When you run out, reload immediately. Don’t let them get into the front of the train. You will stun for a moment if you get shot by the bandits. So don’t get shot.
  • Press the space bar to use the concentration carbonate to freeze the enemy. This will help you to make an easy shot. Don’t overuse it so that you can finish the mini game before it runs out. After winning the game. Get aboard again then head to Rock Ridge. Next to the mine in the right
  • Jump into the buggy, and then climb the rope. Before getting inside the mine you needed a key. Run to the left then you will see a bird at the top having the key. Shoot the bird with your gun to drop the key. Then go back to the mine and use the key.
  • Run to the right then jump into the buggy, the buggy will automatically start moving. While you’re on your way, some rail lever will appear. Shoot the lever before hitting them to avoid some hindrances or to amend the rail.
  • At the end of the rail you will see a hill. Climb the hill and get the Blue Tulip. After getting the Tulip. The mine will begin to collapse and you will find yourself hanging on a rope. Climb up the rope, never mind the cow.
  • By getting at the top, you are now in the Rock Ridge. Run to the right and get the piece of map in the top of the bank’s door. This map will lead you to Mustachio and his gang’s hideout.

Wild West Island - Blue Tulip

The Bandit Hideout

  • Now call your horse and go to Dos Cactos. Remember the orangehead guy with a big head? Give him the Tulip to cure him and he will reward you the other piece of the map. The hideout will now appear in the map.
  • Entering Mustachio’s hideout is not that easy. Sentries are all over the place. To avoid clashing with the bandits, use the transparency tonic to make you invincible. Choose the color that fits with your surroundings. Run to the right and get inside the building.
  • There’s Mustachio and his gang hiding behind the things all over the place. They can’t be shot unless you will force them to come out. Shoot the things all over the place to make them come out. As the things falling into them, some of the bandits will come out. Use the concentrated carbonate to make an easy takedown.
  • At the end of the mini-game Mustachio will try to escape in the desert (map view). Mount into your horse and chase Mustachio in the desert. After a long chase. Finally Mustachio is cornered. Use your lasso to capture him. Then Drag him up to the Diamond Plains. Mustachio will be in jail and Marshal Taylor will be there too. After Capturing Mustachio, you will get the Island’s Medallion. Congratulations!!!. Well done.